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White House says report about President Trump wanting a golden carriage ride is ‘completely false’

OK, so President Donald Trump probably won’t be taking the Tube during his upcoming visit to London, but he won’t be riding in a gold-plated carriage fit for royalty, either.

The White House has smacked down reports this weekend that POTUS expected to a turn on Queen Elizabeth II’s sweet ride during his October jaunt across the pond. The Times of London reported that the White House had made clear to their hosts that a carriage procession – a ritual that has been enjoyed by other world leaders, though not former President Barack Obama – was an “essential element of the itinerary” for the visit, prompting virtual eye-rolls on social media.

“Completely false,” a White House spokeswoman tells People magazine. “We have not even begun working on details for this trip.”

So, how do you say “FAKE NEWS” with a British accent?