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The Cartels Next Door

Mexico’s drug cartels earn billions of dollars in profits as they funnel heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana into drug-hungry countries, including the United States. Crime, death and ruined lives flow right along with those drugs to places as varied as New York City, West Virginia coal country, Albuquerque, Española and western Europe. Despite the efforts of law enforcement, the cartels rival international corporations in size and reach. The drugs they peddle are cheaper and more plentiful than ever before, claiming thousands of victims every year. The Cartels Next Door is the Albuquerque Journal’s six-part investigative report on a criminal enterprise wreaking havoc across the country.

LISTEN: Journal reporter Mike Gallagher speaks to KSFR’s Dave Marash about the Cartel series

Previous Coverage

SERIES: Deadly Addiction

Aug 12, 2012
New Mexico’s Love Affair with Drugs
Heroin’s High was too Hard to Resist
For At-risk Teenager, It’s ‘Easy To Get Into Trouble’

Aug 13, 2012
Today’s Heroin: Cheap, Attractive and Lethal
Drug-troubled Mom Hopes To ‘Get Things Right’
Federal Courts Tougher on Drugs
‘Heroin Gets Into Your Bones’
Opiate-blocking Drug Saves Lives

Aug 14, 2012
Prescription drugs deadly
700 Patients Used ‘Pill Mill’
Most Abusers Get Pills From Friends, Family

Aug 15, 2012
How Can We Break Our Drug Habit?

PACKAGE: Albuquerque’s New Heroin Threat

Jul 13, 2008
Mexican Traffickers Refine Operation So Getting Black Tar as Easy as Ordering Pizza
Los Lunas Cell Had Different Profile
Nothing Stops the Drug Flow

SERIES: Mexico On the Edge: The Drug Cartel Threat

Mar 2, 1997
The Seeds Of Narco-Democracy
Ballads Lionize Drug Lords
Drug Czar: No Quick Fix in This War

Mar 3, 1997
King of the Kingpins
Killings, Kin and Luck Helped Drug Lord

Mar 4, 1997
Breakdown at the Border
Drug Use Mounts Among Juarez Poor

Mar 5, 1997
Bush, Clinton Inaction Let Cartels Flourish
U.S. Fickle on Anti-Narcotics Aid

Mar 9, 1997
River of Guns Floods Mexico
Latin America Sees Surge In Murder Rates
Mexico Upset With U.S. Congress

Mar 16, 1997
Special Forces Strike Cartels
U.S. Hand-Me-Downs Prove Frustrating

SERIES: Beaten at the Border

Oct 22, 1995
Drug Runners Run Roughshod Over Customs
Cartel Chief Makes Money Even When He Loses

Oct 23, 1995
Distrustful Agencies, Lure of Cash Let Corruption Thrive

Oct 24, 1995
Air Smugglers Slip Past U.S. Radar
Whistle-blower Says Truth Has A Price