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The call is coming from inside the house: Journal cafeteria, Menaul restaurant, in the red this week

The inspector comes for us all: the Albuquerque Publishing Company cafeteria was red tagged last week, following a new business inspection on May 1. The cafeteria had been closed since late April, pending a new vendor coming in. Among the violations, inspectors found a rodent infestation. Viet Taste was also in the red, following the discovery of several live and dead roaches throughout the facility.  

Albuquerque diners, eat easy: All inspected restaurants in the clear this week

After a string of violations over the past three weeks — during that period, four restaurants were closed and five were downgraded, for a total nine in the red — the city's dining scene is back on track. All of the 18 inspected establishments, which included a food truck, a hotel and a daycare, passed their health inspections this week. Lava Rock Brewing Co., which was downgraded in the previous report, returned to the green after its April 11 follow-up inspection.

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