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Bernalillo County and UNM hope to partner on inmate health care

After decades of for-profit corporations providing medical services at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Bernalillo County is pursuing another option. Since terminating its contract with YesCare — formerly called Corizon Health — the county has been in conversations with the University of New Mexico Health Systems about a partnership for it to provide medical and behavioral services at the jail.

There are ways to reduce effects of pollen blasts

Many individuals develop allergies in March and April every year (and many in other months of the year and some endure it all through the year). Allergies involve the eyes, nose, throat, lungs and the skin. The offending agent is primarily pollen (mostly juniper and cottonwood but others as well) and the winds help spread them far and wide. Spring catarrh has been the term used often for the allergies of the eyes.