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Easy Trail Introduces Hikers to Valles Caldera
Want to explore the spectacular Valles Caldera National Preserve but hesitant because of the preserve's schedules, reservation system and fees? (July 3)

Sandia Trails Beckon Hikers To Take the High Road
Thanks to New Mexico's many drought-induced forest closures, finding a high place to hike somewhere above 10,000 feet, where the air is cool and the wildflowers are growing is pretty tough these days.


La Luz Trail
The original La Luz Trail went 4 1/2 miles straight up, to the old gold mine," says Forest Service volunteer Dave Hammack. "It was a very steep climb."
Manzano Crest Trail
Lots of wildflowers above 8,000 feet. Multicolored butterflies are everywhere.
Faulty Loop
Southern and eastern views, majestic ponderosa pines and mixed juniper vegetation. A great half-day hike on a pleasantly varied and shaded trail.
HawkWatch Trail
Outstanding views on the way to the top. During migration season, HawkWatch volunteers will be on hand to help identify fly-by raptors.
El Cerro de Tomé
An excellent winter hike at one of New Mexico's most important religious sites, where it's not just the views that are inspiring.
Piedra Lisa / Del Agua
Excellent winter hiking near Placitas.
Wildlife West
Native plants and rescued, nonreleasable animals inhabit an enhanced natural setting on 122 acres.
Balsam Glade
Have a picnic and learn from six informative signs. Enjoy great views of La Madera Canyon.
La Luz Trail
Sights, sounds and smells are quite different at night. Moonlight casts a shimmery glow over everything.
Red Canyon/Spruce Spring
Moderate hike in unpeopled quiet. Top views are spectacular. Lush aspen spruce. Small streams and waterfalls.
Embudo Circle
An accessible hike in the foothills on the city's eastern edge. This trail that makes use of horse trail 193A can also be hiked counter-clockwise. A short way past the wilderness entrance, go to your right toward large boulders high on the ridge.
Oso Corredor
An easy winter trail without the usual skis or snowshoes. Plenty of solitude and good views.
Doc Long Loop
An easy loop trail made up of three trails. A pleasant picnic spot either before or after hiking.
Red Canyon / Ox Canyon
A lushly vegetated hike on which to enjoy solitude and the Manzano Mountain Wilderness.
Kayser Mill
Outstanding vistas in all directions. Trail crests one mile north of Manzano Peak, highest point in the range. Can be looped with other trails.
Sandia 10K Trail No. 200
An easy-to-follow, year-round trail; ski it in the winter.
Tunnel Canyon
An easy, gentle climb along a ridgeline. Great for beginner/intermediate riders.
Sedgwick a Primer for Zunis
Mount Sedgwick is probably the easiest peak you will ever bag. Both the elevation and the hiking distance can be as little as you want — because a road goes all the way to the top.

Perea Nature Trail
Enjoy the solitude of sitting on an iron bench under a giant cottonwood along the short but refreshing Perea Nature Trail. Just off N.M. 550, two miles south of San Ysidro, absorb the area's diversity in the midst of an arid land.

Holy Ghost Creek
Beautiful views of nearby peaks, rushing creek reportedly full of brown trout, a spectacular mountain lake.
Secluded Pecos Wilderness Hike Is Golden
One of the better routes for viewing aspens is the Dockwiller Trail in the Pecos Wilderness. This is a steep trail that goes right through a major aspen forest and because it is not one of the more popular trails in the Pecos, you are apt to find solitude on it.

Winsor Trail Hike Eases the Soul
Two-way hike on both the north and south sides of Tesuque Creek. Tall ponderosa pines and frequently changing terrains.
Boca del Oso
Mesas, unusual rock formations, Indian and Spanish ruins, petrified wood, petroglyphs, fossils all located in a variety of canyons, rimrock areas and deep arroyos.
Chamisa Trail
Stunning wildflowers in mid-summer and snow-cushioned trails in winter help create memorable year-round outings.
Rim Vista
Magnificent panoramic views of Abiquiu Reservoir, rugged cliffs above Ghost Ranch, Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains.
Glorieta Baldy Trail
Hike through timber to an abandoned Forest Service fire watchtower with great viewing. Last half of the hike is down a valley with many wildflowers along a live stream and historic sites and ruins.
San Pedro Parks
Beautiful high mesa with lots of streams and excellent native cutthroat trout fishing. The area abounds with wildflowers. Elk are often seen.
Placer Creek
Travel back in time over 100 years of mining history near Red River.
Tolby Meadows
Great hike for a hot day. Aspen, pine and radical views near Eagle Nest.
Hermit Peak
High country at its best: views, wildflowers, and challenges not beyond reach. For backpackers, this trail continues 10 miles farther through El Porvenir Canyon.
Eerie sculptures, framed in New Mexico blue. Good challenge.
Rio Puerco Valley
An easy, interesting hike featuring spectacular views and weathered landforms.
Hyde Park
Outstanding panoramic views of the Santa Fe Ski Basin and higher peaks of the Santa Fe National Forest, the city of Santa Fe, plus the Sandia and Jemez mountains.
Audubon Center
Provides a distinct "away from it all" feeling not far from Santa Fe Plaza.
Bisti / De-na-zin Wilderness
Easy walking in a bizarre and interesting landscape, outstanding photography.
Gold Hill
Outstanding panoramic views of New Mexico's tallest peaks, plus mountain meadows, numerous wildflowers and a lively stream part of the way.
Gavilan Trail
Fall will paint the tall aspen groves golden and, with the sounds of the stream and cool mountain air, create a mountain hiker's paradise.
El Malpais' Calderon
A close-up view of caves and sinkholes created from an eruption vent called El Calderon.
Touch-Me-Not Peak
An outstanding view of New Mexico from 12,045 feet, near Eagle Nest.
A relatively easy approach to New Mexico's "gentle wilderness," northeast of Cuba.
Sanchez Canyon
An easy, readily accessible hike to a scenic and interesting canyon.