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  • The music is hard and the lyrics brutal. Some of the graphic violence is directed at women. Rape and torture are not uncommon themes. The genre is known as "death metal," and it is readily available to kids in music stores and over the Internet. Clerks will sell it to children without batting an eye. The Journal investigative explores this macabre music and culture in a two-part series.

    Stories by Thomas J. Cole | Journal Investigative Reporter
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    Publisher's Note on Explicit Lyrics

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    Death Metal's Violent Tone Pushes Boundaries
    Chris Barnes, rock singer and lyricist for such songs as "Mass Murder Rampage" and "Torture Killer," seemed puzzled when asked whether there is some invisible line of bad taste that even he won't cross. "I've said just about everything you're not supposed to say," Barnes said. (April 30)
  • Kids Easily Purchase Graphic Material (April 30, 2000)
  • Local Youths Appreciate Alternative to Mainstream Music (April 30, 2000)
  • States' Efforts To Limit Access Fail (April 30, 2000)
  • Industry's Advisory Labels Voluntary (April 30, 2000)
  • Disturbing titles, lyrics (April 30, 2000)

    'Into Evil'
    David Pahler and Mary Wetzell live in communities 600 miles apart and have never met. But they share a nightmare: Each had a daughter who was brutally murdered by young males deeply involved in death-metal music. (May 1, 2000)

  • Who Puts Death Metal on Market? (May 1, 2000)
  • Video Shows 'Terrorvision' (May 1, 2000)
  • Culture May Feel Repercussions(May 1, 2000)


    Music a Prelude to School Shooting
    Jamie Rouse grabbed a gun, jumped in the family pickup truck and headed to school. He slipped a CD by the death-metal band Morbid Angel into his Sony Discman. (June 4)
  • Parents Unaware Of Their Son's Taste in Music (June 4, 2000)

    Parents Take Death Music to Court
    David and Lisanne Pahler want to put some of the biggest names in the music industry on trial for the murder of their daughter. The Pahlers allege the killers were incited by obscene song lyrics about sexual violence. (January 29, 2001)