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Beaten at the Border

Trinity: 50 Years Later

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About this series
President Clinton's call for a national dialogue on race relations and an Ohio congressman's suggestion that the U.S. apologize to black Americans for slavery have renewed the debate about how well we all get along.
New Mexicans often boast that our state is somehow different -- that we just seem to mix better. Others suggest we're simply good at disguising our conflicts.
The Journal takes a look at those notions in stories based on interviews with more than 60 New Mexicans.

Sunday, June 29 1997

New Mexico's Melting Pot Simmers - Scarred by Past Racial and Ethnic Battles, State Boasts of Its Multicultural Harmony
  • Minorities a majority
  • Hispanics share political power
  • Blacks: Apology just a start
  • New Mexicans speak out
  • Congressional view

    Monday, June 29 1997

    Cultures Mix and Clash - Hispanics, Mexican Immigrants Walk Apart While Hand in Hand
  • Conflict in the north
  • Native American: New clout?

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