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APS Board District 4 Q&A

          Candido Archuleta
        AGE: 33
        EDUCATION: Bachelor's in political science and Spanish from Eastern New Mexico University, 1999; master's in community regional planning from University of New Mexico, 2004.
        OCCUPATION: Self-employed at Archuleta Consulting, specializing in community development and advocacy.
        FAMILY: Married to Leticia Archuleta, a social worker in APS. Two sons, ages 5 and 2. The oldest is in kindergarten in APS.
        POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Seven years with North Central Economic Development District as director of the Planning Department; currently serves on the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program Federal Technical Advisory Panel and the State Occupational Health Safety Review Commission.
        COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Involved in PTA at son's elementary school; donate D.J. services to schools & nonprofits.
        1. Solving the budget shortfall requires not only making cuts but also developing new revenue streams and increasing fiscal efficiency. Necessary cuts must come from administrative and extra-curricular activities not affecting classroom instruction or student services.
        2. B-; B because the complexity of running a school district the size of APS requires above-average ability and skill. Minus because there have been several missed opportunities and there is definitely room for improvement.
        3. Yes, however measures of performance and growth cannot strictly be based on standardized testing alone. Numerous qualitative factors must also be taken into consideration such as: professional development and certification, classroom management and student/parent evaluations.
        4. Since APS is the 30th largest school district in the nation, in a state with a population of only 2 million, the idea is valid. However, it requires thorough study before decisions can be made.
        5. No.
        6. No.
        7. No.
        Martin Esquivel, incumbent
        AGE: 47
        EDUCATION: Bachelor's from UNM, 1986; JD from UNM, 1989.
        OCCUPATION: Attorney, Narvaez Law Firm
        FAMILY: Married to Pauline Lucero Esquivel, three children in APS (Graciela, Marisa and Carlos Jay).
        POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Current president, APS school board; board member of the Foundation for Open Government.
        COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Youth sports and other community organizations.
        1. Budget cuts will be closer to $9 million. There are no exact answers on proposed areas to cut. However, it is mandatory that our schools, parents and teachers be part of the budget process and this be done with transparency.
        2. B. During his tenure, student achievement and graduation rates have increased. The board continues to work with Superintendent Brooks regarding concerns that the operation of the district is too top-down in structure and better communication is needed.
        3. I favor a system that fairly assesses teacher performance and considers appropriate factors, including socioeconomic challenges. I have had very favorable experiences with my childrens' teachers over the last 12 years, with very few exceptions.
        4. No. A West Side district will not equal smaller class sizes and will not mean higher achievement. Deconsolidation of this district in the midst of massive cuts to public education weakens our schools and spells financial disaster.
        5. No.
        6. No.
        7. I was charged with DWI when I was in college in 1985, more than 25 years ago. I was found not guilty.
        Cheryl Ann Harris
        AGE: 65
        EDUCATION: Bachelor's in business from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1992; master's in architecture from UNM, 2001.
        OCCUPATION: Mullen Heller Architecture, 2002-2006; retired area manager for USWEST (now Qwest), managed in real estate operations, administrative services, customer services and human resources departments, 1966-1996.
        FAMILY: Married to Robert Harris; two children, two stepchildren, five grandchildren.
        POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Precinct and ward chair for the Democratic Party; Bernalillo County vice chair 2007-2009.
        COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: 15-plus years in Girl Scouts. Other volunteer activities included United Way, Habitat for Humanity, currently volunteer at Albuquerque public libraries and Whittier Elementary School library.
        1. Revenue generation via re-instituting progressive tax rates, collection of delinquencies, closing tax loopholes, and legislating "combined reporting." Cuts at the administrative level — streamline, re-organize. Evaluate transportation. Look at extracurricular costs (not elimination), keep classes small.
        2. "I" for incomplete, inconsistent. New finance director is a good step, but $16 million was "misplaced" last year. SuperSAC is good, but the superintendent needs more dialogue with communities. Some interpersonal conflicts handled questionably.
        3. Teacher evaluation and compensation should be tied to student progress during the year, provided the student has good attendance. Teachers also should be evaluated on feedback from peers, principals, parents, self-evaluation and professional development accomplishments.
        4. Not at this time without a comprehensive financial and community study, community dialogue and a districtwide vote. Small classes and small schools are more important to success than a small district.
        5. No.
        6. No.
        7. No.
        Ched MacQuigg
        AGE: 60
        EDUCATION: Bachelor's from UNM, 1979; master's from UNM, 1984.
        OCCUPATION: Retired from teaching in APS.
        POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Writes a political blog called Diogenes' Six.
        COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: None listed.
        1. The given is that the administration will set the example by justifying every penny they spend outside the classroom. The fair division of resources can come only from open and honest discussions that include all stakeholders.
        2. Superintendent Brooks has failed in a number of critical aspects; He has not stepped as a role model of the student standards of conduct, the pillars of Character Counts! He has failed to restore order in schools. He has not dealt effectively with chronically disruptive students.
        3. I believe that good teachers are worth more than bad teachers. I believe there are a number of ways to measure teachers' performance, other than student performance and academic growth. There is no reason to not use every evaluation tool at our disposal.
        4. If APS is to be split, it should be split 163 times. Every school should be a community school, self-governing. If you really want to involve parents and the community, give them a neighborhood school to nurture. There needs to be a wide but shallow administration that ties the district together.
        5. No.
        6. No.
        7. I have never been charged with drunk driving or a felony. (Editor's note: Court records show MacQuigg was charged with misdemeanor aggravated battery on a household member in 1996. The case was dismissed, contingent on MacQuigg receiving counseling.)

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