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Where Are They Now?

This page brings you up-to-date on all kinds of former newsmakers from around Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Judge or Marine, He Gets Plenty of Work
Metropolitan Court Judge Kevin Fitzwater returned to the bench this week after serving a three-month tour of duty with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

Former Weathercaster Devotes Time to Art
Forty-six years of broadcasting was enough.

Former UNM Athlete Specializes in Oil Law
Tommy Roberts recalls one game in particular.

Locomotive Waits for Home To Be Ready
More than a year after its departure from Coronado Park, a city landmark still sits and waits for its next move.

Life Goes On After Gold Medal
Olympic gold medalist Trent Dimas left the world of gymnastics about five years ago with an empty feeling.

Former FDA Chief Back in the Health Business
Dr. Jane Henney doesn't like to go too long without a job.

1977 Mayoral Candidate Goes Back to School
When JoAnn Eastham-Tapia ran for mayor of Albuquerque in 1977, people suggested she "stay at home and take care of your children. Women shouldn't be involved in politics."

'Wally Woofer' Now Hocks Land, Not Stereos
Remember Wally Woofer? You know, the alter ego belonging to Michael Mattioli who smashed TVs and rode tricycles as gimmicks to get customers into West Coast Sound, his electronics store.

At 96, Westfall Keeps Going
As a high school basketball player, Archie Westfall had a couple of chances to travel to Albuquerque, far away from his family home in the Pecos Valley.

Former Public Servant Lithgow Misses the People
Clarence V. Lithgow, who has worn many hats as a public servant, may return to the government arena and is considering a run for SF mayor.

Ex-SF Police Chief Likes Campus Challenges
His inability to unite factions in Santa Fe's Police Department didn't discourage former Police Chief Don Grady II. He moved on to Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Middle East.

Retired ABQ Parks Chief Tries Variety of Jobs
Mike Walker has bounced from job to job since retiring from the city of Albuquerque in 1996. Walker has been a marketing coordinator for America First Mortgage, has filled in as a substitute teacher at Albuquerque Public Schools, has helped raise funds for the University of New Mexico Development Office and has worked on business development for Conseco Finance.

N.M. Labor Leader's Travails the Stuff of Movies
When Clinton Jencks came to Grant County in 1949 as the representative of the International Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers, his task was to help local unions. Some 52 years later, he is a sort of icon of labor history and one whose personal legacy includes an important decision in criminal law.

Ex-Judge Rests Up for Mideast Women's Project
Diane Dal Santo's life has been in an intermission of sorts for the past few months. But that's all set to change for the longtime Albuquerque judge.

Master Athlete Turned To Sculpting After Injury
In 1993, 64-year-old Sal Polk was doing what she loved "throwing the hammer" and collecting medals in senior world class competitions. But in 1995, that all changed after a knee injury when she "came off a horse." The injury turned into a bone infection, which in turn, led to 11 surgeries and ultimately, the amputation of her right leg.

Ex-Director Proud of Museum
It's been said that people who are adept at getting an organization started are not necessarily the best people to run it. Jon Callender would agree.

N.M. 'Royalty' Happy Overseas
New Mexico's former Miss USA left her runway 16 years ago and has spent much of her life living and working overseas.

Ex-Councilor Cottrell Backs City, County 'Unification'
Some call it unification, others consolidation.

Prof Excels at Hunting Up Info
Archaeologist Lewis Binford has devoted the 10 years since he left the University of New Mexico to explaining the differences among the world's hunter/gatherer societies.

Ex-Councilor Entertained by Singing, Travel
Having received plenty of criticism during his 12 years in office, former city councilor Tom Hoover doesn't have much to say about how Albuquerque is being run these days.

Con Man Still Behind Bars
State penitentiary officials say they are keeping convicted con man Steven Byers securely behind bars while he serves year seven of a 251/2-year prison term.

NASA Still Taps Astronaut-Turned-Consultant
Ex-astronauts get more respect than astronauts, especially from NASA, two-time space shuttle crew member Sidney Gutierrez says.

Herrera Back With APD at Cottonwood Mall
Tony Herrera was on television or quoted in the newspapers almost daily a few years ago, but he isn't an elected official or a celebrity.

Former Basketball Star Bachis Now Academy AD
For the first time in about 25 years, Taryn Bachis is expecting to spend October off the basketball court.

Globetrotter Settling in Capital
Ellen Shippy has been traveling the world as a diplomat for more than 30 years. But her ties to the Land of Enchantment remain taut.

Ex-Detective Solved 80% of Cases
Rick Foley hasn't been a coach by trade, but he's racked up an impressive record nonetheless.

Mom Writes On About Daughter's Slaying
Author Lois Duncan Arquette and her husband, Don, left New Mexico eight years ago, but their hearts are still in Albuquerque.

'Spanky' on Calif. Stage
Albuquerque in the mid-1990s was an unhappy time for Belinda Pate.

Retired Boxer Reigns In Different Arena
More than three decades after winning a world boxing championship, Albuquerque native Bob Foster is still working as an enforcer - a law enforcer.

Circus Refugees Doing Well
Irene and Donna have put on a lot of weight, and Kent Newton couldn't be happier. "It's incredible," Newton said. "It's not with huge amounts of food, just a normal typical healthy diet."

Ex-Mayor Sees Promise in Downtown Vision
Former Albuquerque Mayor David Rusk has built a national reputation as an expert on urban development since leaving the Duke City.

Ex-Chief Polisar Changed a Bit After Move to Calif.
The trademark cigar is gone. So are the solo traffic stops. But former Albuquerque Police Chief Joe Polisar is still, to use his own term, "chiefing."

Former Anchor Now on Imus Team
Albuquerqueans probably remember Jane Metzler as a television news anchor for two local stations.

Teen Recalls Magic of Introducing Clinton
In 1996, clad in a Dr. Seuss necktie and sporting a very short haircut, eighth-grader-to-be Tomas Sanchez introduced President Clinton on a campaign visit to Albuquerque in front of a crowd of 4,000.

Corky Morris Helped Open Doors for Reagan
The Secret Service knew him as James Paxton Morris, but President Reagan fondly called him "Corky."

Inmate's Girlfriend Took Pilot on Wild Flight
On July 11, 1988, what El Paso helicopter pilot Charles "Cheater" Bella thought was a routine flight to look at some real estate turned into a high-speed sky chase right out of the movies.

Woman's Killers Still in Jail
Fourteen years ago, the abduction, rape and murder of a college student shocked and outraged Albuquerque.

Ex-City Councilor Glad He Served Community
Pat Baca served four terms on the City Council and one on the County Commission, which he left in 1994, and he remains interested in local politics as an observer.

Activist Finds Niche in Poetry, Tucson
No time for angst. No time for midlife crisis. Albuquerque native Demetria Martinez, 39, is too busy writing, organizing, teaching, doing.

Ex-Legislator Finds Home in Classroom
Judy Pratt may have disappeared from the news columns for the past several years, but that doesn't mean the Albuquerque woman has stopped pursuing her passions.

Scientist Helped Solve Einstein Physics Question
After conquering the inner Earth, Gary Glatzmaier has his sights set on Jupiter.

Ex-U.S. Attorney Led Lobogate Prosecution
R.E. Thompson hasn't forgotten Lobogate, the transcript-fraud scandal that rocked the University of New Mexico in the late 1970s.

APS' 'Iron Lady' Barna Enjoys Retirement
Once dubbed the "Iron Lady" of Albuquerque Public Schools, Lillian Barna now spends her days in Saratoga, Calif., doing volunteer work and spending time with her grandchildren.

Stulberg Conducting European Orchestras
Neal Stulberg's musical world has grown enormously in the years since he conducted his final performance with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra in 1993.

Implant Helps Child Hear After Meningitis
"The tire on the car is broken." A simple seven-word sentence from a 6-year-old might not seem like a big deal. But for Inez Aguilar-Davis, the words from daughter Hadassah were like magic.

Cissy King Dancing Her Way Back to Show
Cissy King recently rehearsed with her old dance partner Bobby Burgess in Los Angeles for the first time in 20 years, preparing for a Lawrence Welk Show reunion on Labor Day weekend.

Gorilla's With the Big Boys
When Tommy arrived in Albuquerque on Sept. 6, 1988, after a ride on a private jet from New York, he was greeted with much fanfare.

Ex-APD Chief Stover and Retirement Hit It Off
Bob Stover had some trouble staying retired the first time, but now it seems to be sticking.