The Cowboy Way
Photos By Josh Stephenson
Journal Staff Photographer

The annual Rodeo de Santa Fe, which began when Harry Truman was president, celebrated its 50th year this week.
The rodeo, which wrapped up Saturday, attracted 321 competitors to the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds this year.
Thousands of fans filled the grounds Wednesday through Saturday to soak up the rodeo atmosphere. Clear skies, warm weather and few injuries blessed the event.

(Right) Billy Etbauer of Edmond, Okla., prepares for saddle bronc riding Thursday night by placing shinguards inside his boots for added protection against injuries.

(Above) Chuck Murphy of Crownpoint, N.M., wrestles a steer to the ground during the 50th annual Rodeo de Santa Fe.

(Above)As arena lights take over for the sun Thursday evening at the Rodeo de Santa Fe, a rodeo official rides into position during steer wrestling competitions.

(Left) A cowboy is thrown from the mechanical bull at the Rodeo de Santa Fe. The bull was set up behind the stands for anyone who wanted to try hanging on.

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