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UFO Bash No Letdown, Roswell Says
40,000 Tourists 'Were Just Right'

The Associated Press
ROSWELL -- The party's over in Roswell, and city officials are satisfied with their small town's image around the world as home to a UFO crash 50 years ago.
Jeanette Miller, convention and civic center director, said the New Mexico Department of Tourism estimates that more than 40,000 people milled about the town during a weeklong celebration of the Roswell Incident in 1947. Officials had hoped for 50,000, which would have doubled Roswell's population.
"I think you can't judge it as anything but a success," Mayor Tom Jennings said Sunday afternoon. "It was crowded everywhere, and whether it was 35, 40 or 50,000 people, it doesn't matter."
The celebration was estimated to have brought in more than $2{ million in money spent, Miller said.
"It was very important that the people who came here got what they needed, and I think they did. The numbers were just right," she said.
Other than some heavy traffic, Jennings and Miller said there weren't any problems.
The event began Tuesday and ended Sunday evening.
"It's been very beneficial for the local economy, the cottage industry, and the state," Jennings said. "Tourists don't just stay here, they go to Santa Fe and Taos and the Carlsbad Caverns. A lot of other communities are going to benefit."
"There's nothing wrong with capitalizing on this. Three years ago Roswell had virtually no name recognition," Jennings said.
He said visitors and media members have been very positive about their trip Roswell for the celebration, which included parades and products, as well as lectures and research presentations.
"I've talked with media and people from all over the world, from Paris, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, New York and Albuquerque, and they went away with a positive image of us," Jennings said.
"When they leave here, we want people to know more about ETs, the Roswell Incident and UFOs, but we also want them to have a good feeling about Roswell. That and a little sunburn."

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