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Our Roswell Visitation
We couldn't let the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident go by without taking a look at things for ourselves. So we packed up our digital camera, sunscreen, water and detection gear and headed to Roswell.
Along the way we took some photos, met some interesting people and heard lots of UFO theories.
On the following pages you will find a short photo album of our trip to Roswell.
- Fran & Derek

  • (1) Costume contest
  • (2) It's a crowded contest
  • (3) Little green and grey creatures
  • (4) Visitors among us
  • (5) Stanton Friedman talks
  • (6) Stanton Friedman and his evidence
  • (7) "Alien life form" in a jar
  • (8) Welcome to Hub Corn's Ranch
  • (9) The obelisks at the "crash site"
  • (10) Hub Corn talks to reporters
  • (11) Dancers bless the site
  • (12) Laguna Pueblo dancers
  • (13) The intrepid reporters

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