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The Albuquerque Journal has kept a close eye on the events in Roswell since the day of the 'incident' in 1947. Here are some recent stories relating to Roswell and UFOs from the Journal library.

Museum: UFO Piece Jewelry Scrap
Roswell UFO museum officials have acknowledged that their purported fragment from a 1947 flying saucer crash was just a chunk of earthly metal. But, undaunted, they still plan to put it on display.

  • UFO Metal Claim Fading
  • Artist: Purported Roswell UFO Fragment Is Bogus
  • UFO Piece Matches Earthly Metals

    Roswell Gets 3 1/2 Minutes Of Fame
    Roswell received its official badge of hipness when the town and its UFO lore became fodder for talk show host David Letterman.

    Author: UFO Admission Will Heal 'fracture'
    In the previews for the feature film "Independence Day," enormous alien spacecraft are depicted destroying cities in the flick of a laser as people flee in terror. The aliens even blow up the White House.
    But author and futurist Michael Lindemann says that if it's ever revealed that UFOs actually exist, it will be with more of a whimper than a bang.

    Are You Feeling Alienated? You're Not Alone - A column by Tom Sharpe
    Twenty-five years ago this summer, I saw an unidentified flying object.

    Congressman Schiff Probing 'Alien Autopsy'
    It is either the scoop of the century or a very gruesome hoax.
    After watching a grainy 15-minute film purporting to show the autopsy of a space alien captured in the "Roswell Incident" in 1947, U.S. Rep. Steve Schiff is unsure. The New Mexico Republican isn't endorsing the footage.

    Schiff: Roswell UFO A Balloon
    Two government documents are the only official records remaining of the 1947 Roswell Incident involving the crash of an unidentified flying object, the General Accounting Office reported.

    Earth To Schiff
    For a state with such a small population, New Mexico has managed to elect congressmen with a knack for gaining national, international -- and perhaps even interstellar -- recognition.
    Republican Rep. Steve Schiff is receiving notice for his work on space aliens.

    Earthlings Demand Answers
    Operation Right to Know -- which believes the military has covered up evidence of alien life -- protested outside the General Accounting Office.

    UFOlogists Ask: Was Truman in Roswell?
    Many flying saucer researchers believe the truth is out there. And they're looking for it in presidential libraries in Kansas and Missouri.

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