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Talking Grammer podcast: Conversations from the sports beat

Journal staff writer Geoff Grammer shares some of the conversations he has on the beat covering a wide variety of sports in New Mexico, primarily UNM Lobos basketball, through his Talking Grammer podcast. For those fans of the written word, check out Geoff’s articles published in the Journal.


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Here is a list of past episodes of the Talking Grammer podcast with most recent episode at the top.

Talking Grammer, Episode 19: Part 1 of a conversation with UNM Lobos coach Paul Weir as season begins

In Episode 19, I ask Lobos coach Paul Weir for a state of the program assessment as the season begins on Tuesday in California. What has he learned in one season as coach, what might he change, and what can fans expect from him and his team? I split my interview with Paul into to parts. This is the first. (Posted on Nov. 4, 2018)

Read more about part 1 of my conversation with Paul Weir.


Talking Grammer, Episode 18: A conversation with new UNM Lobos point guard Keith McGee

In Episode 18, new UNM Lobo point guard Keith McGee talks about his growing up, what got him to UNM and he’s remarkably open about some insecurities he’s had as a player, saying he had to overcome confidence issues both at the junior college he played at last season and earlier this semester at UNM when he started playing with the Lobos. (Posted on Oct. 31, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Keith McGee.


Talking Grammer, Episode 17: A conversation with Dick Hunsaker, a Clovis High graduate and college basketball coaching veteran

In Episode 17, I had a long talk with the man I consider the New Mexico coach that never was. Dick Hunsaker is a Clovis High graduate who has played for or coached with the likes of Don Haskins, Neil McCarthy and Rick Majerus while also having connections with Steve Alford and Craig Neal (heck, he was even once a part of a summer camp with Bob King and Norm Ellenberger). Hunsaker talks about all those connections and spending a week observing this year’s UNM Lobos and head coach Paul Weir. (Posted on Oct. 14, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Dick Hunsacker.


Talking Grammer, Episode 16: A conversation Lobo teammates Vladimir Pinchuk and Makuach Maluach

In Episode 16, I have a conversation with Lobo sophomores Vladimir Pinchuk and Makuach Maluach. The two have a unique bond as they were not only the only two freshmen on last year’s team but were both living in the United States for the first time. They talk about their transition to a new country, college basketball and even interview each other about guilty pleasures like Pinchuk’s love of watching hundreds of episodes of Family Feud. (Posted on Oct. 4, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Vladimir Pinchuk and Makuach Maluach.


Talking Grammer, Episode 15: A conversation with Indiana Pacers scout and Run & Stun press architect Kevin Mackey and Lobos coach Paul Weir

In Episode 15, I have a conversation with Indiana Pacers scout and former Cleveland State coach Kevin Mackey, the architect of the Run and Stun press that UNM Lobos head coach Paul Weir is trying to implement with his program. Mackey flew to Albuquerque a year ago to help the Lobos coaching staff with the system. He’s back a year later. What did he see with the Lobos using the press in Year 1, what started his use of the Press in the 1980s and what is Paul Weir’s level of commitment to it moving forward? (Posted on Sept. 19, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Kevin Mackey and Paul Weir.


Talking Grammer, Episode 14: A conversation with UNM hoops assistant Jerome Robinson

In Episode 14, I have a conversation with UNM Lobos basketball assistant Jerome Robinson about his path to coaching. From a Jamaican family and growing up in Toronto, not only how’d he get into hoops, but how did he become one of Canada’s best? He was roommates with Steve Nash on the Canadian National team, once guarded a kid named Manu Ginobili long before he became an Olympic gold medalist or joined the NBA and became a four-time world champion. We talk about those things, how he got into coaching and what game brought a tear to the eye of the Lobos assistant last season? (Posted on Aug. 29, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Jerome Robinson.


Talking Grammer, Episode 13: A conversation with longtime Journal preps editor James Yodice

In Episode 13, I sit down with longtime Journal prep sports editor James Yodice. We talk about the high school football season ahead, what it means to be the prep editor at the state’s largest paper (for my money, as tough a gig as there is in journalism), the time his computer caught fire, some of his favorite places to cover a game in the state and how much he enjoys having a colleague who sings the Alamogordo High School fight song during the hectic Friday nights. (Posted Aug. 24, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with James Yodice.


Talking Grammer, Episode 12: A conversation with UNM seniors Dane Kuiper and Anthony Mathis

Monday is the last first day of school for Dane Kuiper and Anthony Mathis. The two seniors on the Lobos basketball team sat down to talk about the journeys at UNM so far, the season ahead and the legacy they hope to cement in their final year at UNM. They also talk about when they first played each other in the 6th grade when Anthony was living in Oregon and Dane in Alaska, who talks more trash, is Dane really a good fisherman just because he has tattoos of fish and what are their memories of the run the team went on to finish last season? (Posted Aug. 20, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Anthony Mathis and Dane Kuiper.


Talking Grammer, Episode 11: A recruiting conversation with Lobos hoops coach Paul Weir

Now that the July recruiting period is over, I sit down with Lobos hoops coach Paul Weir for some stories from the recruiting trail, and more. What does the intense July recruiting period really even mean anymore for a program like UNM? Is it even the best use of time and resources for a program like UNM (or others in the Mountain West) that seem to be made up of as many or more DI and junior college transfers than high school kids anymore? Plus, how his dad’s accordion playing helped send Weir down a path of coaching, the team’s locker room library and a plea for season ticket holders. (Posted Aug. 2, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Paul Weir.


Talking Grammer, Episode 10: A conversation with former Lobo Alex Kirk

I talk some Lobo hoops after UNM coach Paul Weir held a mid-week press conference on the offseason state of the program and we hear from him on scheduling thoughts. The main guest is Los Alamos High and UNM graduate Alex Kirk. How is the former Lobos’ professional career progressing? Why isn’t he playing this weekend in the $2 million TBT event in Atlanta? Who won those heated pickup games in the Pit during his sophomore year rehabbing back from injury? And how in the world did he get lucky enough to date an Olympic volleyball medalist? (Posted July 27, 2018)

Read more about my conversation with Alex Kirk.


Talking Grammer, Episode 9: Rus Bradburd, Shawn Harrington and “All the Dreams We’ve Dreamed”
I veer off course from the usual Lobo hoops podcasts and talk to the author of “All the Dreams We’ve Dreamed” and the central figure of that book, former NMSU Aggie point guard Shawn Harrington, who in 2014 was shot while taking his daughter to school on the West Side of Chicago. Rus Bradburd, an NMSU professor and former Aggies coach who recruiting Shawn to Las Cruces in the 1990’s, talks about why he wrote the book and his relationship with his former player. Shawn walks us through that tragic morning and talks about what he hopes people take from the book. (Posted May 3, 2018)

Read more about the conversations with Rus Bradburd and Shawn Harrington and the book “All The Dreams We’ve Dreamed.”


Talking Grammer, Episode 8: Lobo transfers JaQuan Lyle and Vance Jackson
In Episode 8, I talk with Lobo basketball transfers JaQuan Lyle, the former two year starter at Ohio State, and Vance Jackson, who started as a freshman last season at UConn. The two sat out this season for UNM per NCAA transfer rules so we talked about how hard it was to watch their teammates, how hard UNM’s conditioning program is, the future of Lobo basketball and who actually won more games when the two played one-on-one over the past six months. (Posted March 24, 2018)

Read more about the conversations with JaQuan Lyle and Vance Jackson


Talking Grammer, Episode 7: Lobo coach Paul Weir and Lobo seniors — Antino Jackson and Joe Furstinger
Three Lobos play their final home game off the season March 3 in the Pit — Joe Furstinger, Antino Jackson and Sam Logwood. I talk with two of those three (Logwood couldn’t make the interview) about their memories and the legacies they hope to leave. I also talk with Paul Weir about the foundation these seniors have helped leave for not only the longterm, but just over the next week or so this season and how grateful he is for them taking a chance on him in his first year coaching the team when they could have moved on. (Posted March 3, 2018)

Read more about the conversations with Weir and the Lobo seniors


Talking Grammer, Episode 6: Former Lobo Danny Granger and my 8-year-old daughter, Jaedyn
Former NBA All Star and Lobo legend Danny Granger checks in on the podcast to talk college hoops, the FBI investigation into the sport, lots of Lobo memories and stories and what it’s like now working with the CBS Sports Network covering the game as an analyst. I also chat with my daughter, Jaedyn, about how she’s been beating me picking college basketball games all season by flipping a coin and how coaches and fans all across the conference now ask me all the time who she’s picking rather than who I think will win games. (Posted March 2, 2018)

Read more about the conversations with Danny Granger and my daughter


Talking Grammer, Episode 5: Lobo associate head coach Chris Harriman
Chris Harriman, the third season Lobo associate head coach and the one assistant coach hold over from the Craig Neal era, dishes on his time learning from Rick Majerus and Tim Miles, his addiction to coffee and the perspective gained from watching his 10-year-old son, Avery, battle cancer since the age of 2. (Posted Feb. 18, 2018)

Read more about the conversation with Chris Harriman


Talking Grammer, Episode 4: Lobo strength coach Tyler Stuart
The Lobos basketball team insists it’s all about hard work and intense conditioning enabling it to press for 40 minutes and run throughout each game to wear down opponents. Who’s the man behind the Lobo conditioning and what is his approach to getting the team in top physical shape? (Posted Jan. 30, 2018)

Read more about the conversation with Tyler Stuart


Talking Grammer, Episode 3: Lobos junior shooting guard Anthony Mathis
UNM junior Anthony Mathis, fresh off his heroics in helping the Lobos rally in the final minute to beat UNLV on the road, talks about his decision to remain with the program after first wanting to transfer before Paul Weir was hired, getting into shape and shooting with confidence. (Posted Jan. 20, 2018)

Read more about the conversation with Anthony Mathis


Talking Grammer, Episode 2: UNM staffers Brandon Mason and David Chiotti
Brandon Mason, the former Aggies basketball star and now UNM Lobos assistant, and David Chiotti, the onetime Lobos great now breaking into the coaching profession as a support staff member on Paul Weir’s Lobos’ staff, talk about this year’s team, playing professionally overseas and some battles against each other in the Rio Grande Rivalry between UNM and NMSU. (posted Aug. 23, 2017)

Read more about the conversation with Brandon Mason and David Chiotti


Talking Grammer, Episode 1: Weir’s Science
On the heels of the Journal publishing a four-part series called Weir’s Science laying out some of the major building blocks first year Lobos basketball coach Paul Weir has in mind for the program, Weir sits down with us to talk about his philosophy for building the program. (posted Aug. 16, 2017)

Read more about the conversation with Paul Weir