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National Atomic Museum Reopening in Old Town
When the National Atomic Museum opens Saturday at its new home in Old Town, Fat Man will be there, but Little Boy won't. (May 10)
  • Council Approves Site for Atomic Museum (December 27)

    New Director to Steer Museum Through Expansion
    The difference between Adrian Hunt's last job and his new one, is like "the difference between building your own sailing boat from scratch, and then being called in to be captain of the QE2 (cruise ship)," he said. "It's more of a steering thing." (February 24)

    N.M. Museum Attendance in Flux
    If the Sept. 11 attacks have triggered a drop in tourism nationwide, they have not put a big hurt on attendance at most of New Mexico's museums. (December 23)

    Local Legends, Lore Focus of New Museum
    Like many places, New Mexico has its share of local heroes and legends great and small. But not everyone knows their stories. The creators of an ambitious new privately run museum aim to change that. (December 21)

    National Hispanic Cultural Center
    The National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico is throwing a party for its grand opening, and the public is invited. The party is so big that it will be wrapped around two days Saturday, Oct. 21, and Sunday, Oct. 22. Festivities begin with a parade and conclude with a concert by the Los Angeles-based band Los Lobos. (October 17)

  • National Hispanic Cultural Center special section in PDF format.

    Intel Takes Visitors Behind Chips
    Museums can be stuffy places filled with bones, old furniture or wagon wheels. Maybe that's why tour coordinator Terry Stuart doesn't call the exhibit rooms at Intel Corp.'s Rio Rancho site a museum.

    In War and Peace
    National Atomic Museum exhibit illustrates medical role of atomic science.


    Museum Celebrates Potter Maria Martinez
    A new exhibit celebrating the life of famed San Ildefonso potter Maria Martinez contains a tiny pinch pot the artist fashioned from a ball of prehistoric clay. (March 10)

    Traditions! Marketplace to Add Museum
    SANTA FE A multicultural museum will be moving into a marketplace between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. (February 26)

    Museum Chooses to Go It Alone
    The Museum of New Mexico passed on the opportunity to affiliate with the Smithsonian Institution after considering the expense and other obligations that appear to outweigh rewards. (April 30)

  • Museum of Fine Arts Dedicates Renovations (April 30)

    Penitentes Research Material Donated
    A leading New Mexico folklorist and chronicler of the penitentes religious sect has donated a portion of her research material to the Fray Angélico Chávez History Library at the Museum of New Mexico. (December 19)

    Santa Fe Boasts World-Class Institutions
    Santa Fe, the town named by AmericanStyle Magazine as the third best destination in the country for art-seeking travelers, is just 60 miles away. So what's your excuse for not hopping in the car this summer and visiting some of the best museums in the country? (July 7)

    Kids Just Want To Have Fun
    Santa Fe Children's Museum combines play with lots of learning.

    Museum Leaves Visitors 'Wowed'
    Georgia O'Keeffe made northern New Mexico her home for nearly four decades. Now, Santa Fe is home to the world's largest permanent collection of her artwork. In a building that emphasizes shape, just as O'Keeffe did, more than 100 pieces of the late artist's work are displayed in nine galleries.

    Wheelwright Looks Back on 60 Years of Museum Evolution
    More than 60 years ago a wealthy scholar from Boston, Mary Cabot Wheelwright, and esteemed Navajo medicine man Hastiin Klah decided the only way to preserve Navajo ceremonial heritage was to build a private museum.


    Touchable Dinos
    Tucumcari in times past was next door to the hideout of badman Black Jack Ketchum and a popular stopoff on Route 66, but nowadays it can boast of a new attraction. This one deals in bronze and old bones. (November 24)

    Blast From The Past
    You need not visit "Jurassic Park" to see some of the biggest and fiercest creatures to roam Earth. Just head on out to Grants.

  • Side Trips Keep Visitors to Grants Busy

    Museum Displays Relics of Frontier Life
    Cimarron's Old Mill is now a repository of machinery and memories of a lost era.

    Telephones & tiny towns
    Two museums devoted to widely different missions

    Woven beauty
    Navajo Museum, Library & Visitors Center opens with world-class exhibit.

    Guide to Museums Around New Mexico

  • Albuquerque and the Surrounding Area

  • Santa Fe/Taos and the Surrounding Area

  • Northwest New Mexico

  • Northeast New Mexico

  • Southern New Mexico

  • Cuarto Centennial History Series

    The Cuarto Centennial series is a group of history articles to commemorate the settlement of New Mexico by Juan de Oñate in 1598. The series is written by Miguel Encinias.

    Meshican Leaders Forced Out Spaniards
    Cortés Runs Afoul of Governor, Meshican Forces
    Moctezuma Had To Deal With a God
    Cortéz, Meshicas Meet First in Peace
    Adventurers Flock to New World
    Earliest History Found in Artifacts
    Anasazis Gave Rise to Pueblos
    Columbus' Discoveries Both Glorious, Tragic
    Friars Aim To Convert, Educate Natives
    Spanish Laws Try To Protect Natives
    Account of Slavery Spawned Legend
    Gulf Coast Perilous for Cabeza de Vaca
    Spaniard Found Favor as Healer With Natives
    Lost Party Reunited With Other Spaniards
    Mythical Cibola Lured Spaniards
    Tales of Pueblo Villages Drew Friar, Companions Into Wilderness
    Coronado's Expedition Into North Initially Disappointing
    Spanish Forces Conquer Hawikuh
    Coronado Subdues Revolt by Pueblos, Turns Attention East
    Coronado Is Broken in Spirit and Health
    Coronado, Aide Tried for Crimes
    Expedition Searches for Silver, Souls
    Expeditions Head North Into N.M.
    Illegal Expeditions Lead to Arrests, More Bloodshed
    Colonizer Born In Zacatecas
    Delays Frustrate Oñate, Settlers
    Water Supply Critical to Oñate's Advance to Rio Bravo
    Pueblos Greet Oñate With Generosity, Information
    Oñate Searches Beyond San Juan
    Spaniards Promise Safety to Pueblos
    Spanish Touch Off Conflict in Acoma
    Oñate Plans Response to Attack
    Zaldivar Leads Bloody Attack Against Acoma
    Judgment Passed on Survivors at Acoma
    Oñate's Thoughts Turn Once More to Riches, Ocean
    Discontent Grows for Settlers
    Desertions Plague New Colony
    Discontented Colonists Plead Their Case for Desertion
    Colonists' Fate Lies With Spain
    Desperate Oñate Looks for South Sea
    Tribes Tell Oñate Outlandish Tales of Neighbors
    Dashed Hopes Prompt Oñate to Resign
    Letters Hold Fate of Young N.M. Colony
    Oñate Loses Support
    Viceroy Gives Peralta List of Instructions
    Oñate's Fate Held in Letter from King
    Charges Follow Oñate
    Oñate's Officers and Men Face Trial
    Oñate Works to Restore his Name
    Oñate Spends Final Days in Service to Spain
    Last Word on Oñate is Failure

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