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January 22, 2003

Bill Summary

The Associated Press

    Introduced in the House:
    HB8: Development Training Fund.
    HB9: GF: Public employees 4 percent raise.
    HB10: Public education: formula for calculating program cost.
    HB11: Whistleblower Protection Act.
    HB12: Fine Arts Education Act.
    HB13: State butterfly and nickname.
    HB14: Technology startup tax credit.
    HB15: GF: Development training program funds.
    HB16: Amber Alert law.
    HB17: Voter identification requirement.
    HB18: Election canvassing observers.
    HB19: Companion animal hoarding.
    HB20: Election signature roster inspection.
    HB21: Lab partnership small business tax credits.
    HB22: Educational retirement benefits-re-employment.
    HB23: Economic Development Department marketing cooperation.
    HB24: Development training program fund use.
    HB25: Tire recycling fees.
    HB26: Consumer price index tables, adjustment of personal income tax brackets.
    HB27: Limited partnership act changes.
    HB28: Taxation fiscal impact study.
    HB29: Public education: technical career funds.
    HB30: Hot pursuit crimes.
    HB31: Motor vehicle misrepresentation.
    HB32: Out-of-state lottery contracts.
    HB33: Reorganization: independent agency for unit processing oil and gas tax, royalty returns.
    HB34: PERA member information.
    HB35: Individual development accounts.
    HB36: Regulation of methadone clinics.
    HB37: School employees 8 percent salary increase.
    HB38: Minimum wage hike.
    HB39: State employees: DWI driving prohibition.
    HB40: Triple DWI offenders: increased penalties.
    HB41: Employment: Wages, gender discrimination.
    HB42: No-parole crimes.
    HB43: Taxes and investment credits on equipment.
    HB44: Bilingual insurance policies.
    HB45: Infertility treatment insurance coverage.
    HB46: Interstate compact for handling juveniles.
    HB47: 2nd Judicial District civil law clerk.
    HB48: Uniform Trust Code.
    HB49: Disposition of Indian deceased's remains.
    HB50: UNM: funds for Indian death investigations.
    HB51: Office of Indian Affairs employee funds.
    HB52: GF: Salary increases for judiciary.
    HB53: Sex offender parole period.
    HB54: Reduced income tax rates to maximum of 4.2 percent by 2006.
    HB55: Public works minimum wage exemption.
    HB56: Deduction: net capital gain income.
    HB57: Defining when tort is not cause for civil action.
    HB58: County emergency communications.
    HB59: GF: Jemez State Monument.
    HB60: Income tax exemption for persons 65 and older.
    HB61: Public education: kindergarten plus project.
    HB62: Gross receipts jet fuel deduction increased.
    HB63: Family support act.
    HB64: Taxpayer bill of rights.
    HB65: GF: Tourism advertising and promotion.
    HB66: GF: Complex additive systems analysis, New Mexico Tech.
    HB67: GF: Office of chief information officer expansion.
    HB68: Public education: K-5 home visits.
    HB69: Farmers market promotion and development.
    HB70: Motor vehicle excise tax exemption.
    HB71: Expanding disabled veteran exemption.
    HB72: Beverage container deposit.
    HB73: Extending property tax cap for low income/disabled.
    HB74: GF: Land grant committee.
    HB75: Motor vehicles: armed forces retiree plate.
    HB76: Public education: norm-reference testing prohibition.
    HB77: Flood hazard areas.
    HB78: Weather Control Act.
    HB79: School board campaign reports.
    HB80: Small business investments.
    HB81: Lottery scholarships for tribal colleges.
    HB82: GF: Pope statue in National Statuary Hall.
    HB83: GF: public education: training services.
    HB84: Increase veterans tax exemption.
    HB85: Expand disabled veteran exemption.
    HB86: Removing upper limit on slot machine payback.
    HB87: High speed pursuits.
    HB88: GF: Manufacturing extension services.
    HB89: Forward personal information: Selective Service.
    HB90: GF: Water and wastewater planning fund.
    HB91: Chiropractic physicians Medicaid reimbursement.
    HB92: GF: National Guard youth challenge program.
    HB93: Expanding investment criteria.
    HB94: GF: NMSU: cotton boll weevil control.
    HB95: GF: NMSU: salt cedar management.
    HB96: GF: NMSU: water management research.
    HB97: GF: Water management research and education.
    HB98: NMSU viticulturist.
    HB99: GF: Pink bollworm control.
    HB100: Bomb scare restitution from convicted persons.
    HB101: Adjustment of motor vehicle lease price.
    HB102: Regional transit districts.
    HB103: GF: Uninsured prenatal medical services.
    HB104: GF: Dropout prevention pilot: phone home.
    HB105: Student driving privileges.
    HB106: Human Rights Commission appeal procedure.
    HB107: Prohibiting additional auto insurance charges.
    HB108: Mandatory permissive drivers coverage.
    HB109: Amending grand jury challenges.
    HB110: Uniform Commercial Code exemption: Medicaid and workers' compensation.
    HB111: PERA retirees returning to work.
    HB112: Military discharge papers exception to public records.
    HB113: Prohibiting gross receipts taxes being forwarded to provider.
    HB114: Residential gray water use.
    HB115: School impact aid reduction.
    HB116: PERA hazardous duty members coverage.
    HB117: DWI penalty increases.
    HB118: Local government investments.
    HB119: Emergency care after sexual assault.
    HB120: Education: student-teacher scholarships.
    HB121: Public education: alternative school funding.
    HB122: New Mexico Works Act amendments.
    HB123: GF: Fort Seldon staff and preservation.
    NM124: GF: NMSU phreatophyte eradication and control on Rio Grande and Pecos River.
    HB125: High school diplomas for World War II veterans.
    HB126: Reorganization of gross receipts tax act.
    HB127: GF: Creating 14th Judicial District in San Juan County.
    HB128: GF: NMSU: funds for scholarships and coaching.
    HJR1: Runoff elections.
    HJR2: Property tax exemptions for veterans.
    HJR3: Very Large Array transfer of visitors center to National Science Foundation.
    Passed by the House:
    HB1: Legislature feed bill. 57-10.
    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB97: Home school tax deduction.
    SB98: GF: Tribal-state judicial consortium.
    SB99: No DWI offense in parked vehicles.
    SB100: Gross receipts tax repeal from print media.
    SB101: Occupational licensing boards.
    SB102: Metered underground water wells.
    SB103: Telecommunications business failure.
    SB104: No parole for capital felony.
    SB105: Park law enforcement officer assistance.
    SB106: Court fee replacement.
    SB107: Natural resources trustee fund.
    SB108: GF: Office of Mexican Affairs created.
    SB109: Drinking water, state revolving loan fund.
    SB110: Child abduction warning.
    SB111: Prohibition against arrest of aliens for only immigration law violation.
    SB112: Uniform Commercial Code exception: Medicaid and workers' compensation.
    SB113: Residential gray water use.
    SB114: Magistrate court mediation fund.
    SB115: GF: Indian Education Division.
    SB116: GF: Center for Rural and Native American Education.
    SB117: Allowing bonds to be issued as loans.
    SB118: Telephone solicitation, prohibiting automatic dialing equipment.
    SB119: Tax exemption for veterans.
    SB120: Vehicle registration data, public information.
    SB121: GF: Review of health practice changes.
    SB122: Window sticker, designated spot.
    SB123: Ditch diversions need prior local approval.
    SB124: Water banking.
    SB125: GF: Indian archaeological repository relocation.
    SB126: Taxi and shuttles: nonexempt businesses.
    SB127: Personal/corporate income tax credit.
    SB128: Preservation of unused water rights.
    SB129: Reporting costs to pay off credit cards.
    SB130: GF: Youth leadership program in Albuquerque.
    SB131: GF: Metro court: adult mental health program.
    SB132: Lifetime parole for child sexual offenses.
    SB133: Tobacco settlement expenditures.
    SB134: State armory, State Fair, state engineer severance tax bonds.
    SB135: GF: 12-month school teacher contracts.
    SB136: Educational retirement benefits.
    SB137: GF: Public school reading proficiency fund.
    SB138: GF: Even Start family literacy program.
    SB139: Diabetes prevention: soft drink tax.
    SB140: Freedom of speech rights in shopping malls.
    SB141: Construction licensee disclosure.
    SB142: Unemployment compensation contribution rates.
    SB143: GF: Judicial district reorganization and funds.
    SB144: Cabinet-level adjutant general.
    SB145: GF: Emergency court facilities study.
    SJR10: 45-day legislative session, two-year budget.