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January 21, 2003

Bill Summary

The Associated Press

    Introduced in the House:
    HB1: House appropriations and finance, legislative expenses.
    HB2: GF: General legislative appropriations to state agencies.
    HB3: GF: Public school funding, salary increases for teachers, staff.
    HB4: State Highway and Transportation Department funds.
    HB5: State Fair Commission budget increases.
    HB6: GF: Department of Game and Fish Conservation Services program.
    HB7: GF: Funding level for all state agencies, select salary increases.
    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB1: Las Cruces lodging fee for convention center financing.
    SB2: GF: General appropriations to state agencies.
    SB3: GF: Highway 666 expansion funds.
    SB4: Racing New Mexico bred horses.
    SB5: GF: Human Services Department: Indian programs.
    SB6: Granting punitive damages in lawsuit.
    SB7: Metro Court judges retirement.
    SB8: Water technology assistance tax credit.
    SB9: GF: Education and Economic development funds.
    SB10: Small business investments.
    SB11: GF: Economic Development Department: manufacturing services.
    SB12: Expansion of Sandia Lab small business tax credit
    SB13: Providing horse racing barns for New Mexico bred horses.
    SB14: GF: Community college high skills training.
    SB15: Rounding prices for goods and services.
    SB16: Increased jail terms, sentencing for DWI habitual offenders.
    SB17: GF: Public school enrollment growth funding.
    SB18: School attendance officer requirement.
    SB19: Horse racing stall space.
    SB21: Release petition of sexually violent predators.
    SB22: Secretary of State: electronic campaign reporting.
    SB23: Concealed handgun licenses.
    SB24: Equalization of liquor license fees for large clubs.
    SB25: State agency session law distribution.
    SB26: Medicaid sterilization for minors.
    SB27: Unclaimed lottery prizes.
    SB28: Sexual orientation discrimination.
    SB29: Farmer's market nutrition program.
    SB30: Farmer's market promotion and development.
    SB31: Bomb scare reimbursement.
    SB32: Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad repairs.
    SB33: Disclosure of retirement information.
    SB34: GF: Regional transit district funding.
    SB35: Limited gross receipts deduction for doctors.
    SB36: Military discharge papers public records exception.
    SB37: GF: Economic Development Department: Promoting Las Cruces.
    SB38: Increased penalties for hate crimes.
    SB39: GF: Appropriations for 3rd Judicial District, District Attorney.
    SB40: Local government investment criteria.
    SB41: Local government investment.
    SB42: Alternative dispositions for juvenile offenders.
    SB43: Real estate license changes.
    SB44: County bonds to repay New Mexico Finance Authority loans.
    SB45: Nonagency brokerage relationships.
    SB46: Public employees right to bargain with employer.
    SB47: NMSU: Viticulturist to aid wine industry.
    SB48: NMSU: Compliance with NCAA requirements.
    SB49: GF: HIV and AIDS drugs and services.
    SB50: Protection of community water and sewer service associations.
    SB51: Increasing crimes against children to a capitol felony.
    SB52: GF: Domestic violence shelters and programs.
    SB53: Elimination of municipal speed bumps.
    SB54: Grants hearing request before State Engineer on water appeals.
    SB56: GF: Pink bollworm control program.
    SB57: Restaurant liquor licenses.
    SB58: Cigarette vendor licenses.
    SB59: Department of Game and Fish: Shooting artificial game.
    SB60: Dona Ana Magistrate Court addition.
    SB61: GF: Advanced placement courses funds.
    SB62: School testing to meet college curricula.
    SB63: Limited gross receipts deductions for doctors.
    SB64: Prohibiting cockfighting.
    SB65: County gross receipts tax.
    SB66: GF: Water management research and education.
    SB67: NMSU: Water management research.
    SB68: Reconfirmation of cabinet secretaries.
    SB69: Hot air balloon liability.
    SB70: Rabies shots required for pets.
    SB71: Punitive damages.
    SB72: Prohibition of constructing outdoor advertising.
    SB73: Anesthesiologist assistant supervision.
    SB74: Marching band not a physical education unit.
    SB75: No release or parole for capital felony.
    SB76: Voyeurism and electronic voyeurism penalties.
    SB77: Tuition scholarship for teacher's children.
    SB78: San Juan County to become 14th Judicial District.
    SB79: Boat dealer licenses.
    SB80: Good school requirements waiver.
    SB81: Evading an officer as a felony offense.
    SB82: Immobilization of vehicle by person with suspended/revoked license.
    SB83: Exemption of debtor's homestead from bankruptcy court.
    SB84: No license revocation hearing for DWI offenders.
    SB85: State park enforcement officer benefits.
    SB86: School board tenure eliminated.
    SB87: Protection from liability related to skate parks.
    SB88: Handling of sexually violent predators.
    SB89: NMSU: Early childhood and elementary education degree.
    SB90: GF: Expansion of juvenile and adult drug and DWI courts.
    SB91: Establishment of adult drug court fee.
    SB92: GF: Federal funding for drug and DWI courts.
    SB93: Increase penalties for fifth DWI.
    SB94: NMSU: Nursing funds.
    SB95: NMSU: Distance education technologies.
    SB96: Taxation bills studies for fiscal impact.
    SJM1: Federal funding for special education services.
    SJM2: Early child care education programs study.
    SJR1: Convention to amend US Constitution.
    SJR2: Creation of cabinet-level State Education Department.
    SJR3: Legislative salary.
    SJR4: Legislative session extension.
    SJR5: Term expiration for State Board of Education.
    SJR6: Increase distributions from state permanent funds.
    SJR7: Definition of life and death, would forbid abortion.
    SJR8: Life defined, would forbid abortion.
    SJR9: Public school debt guarantee.
    SM1: Fire Chief Steven Jones condolences.
    SM2: Steve Lovato condolences.
    SM3: Randy Hougton condolences.