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April 2, 2003

Summaries of Bills Signed Into Law

The Associated Press
    Bills signed into law on Wednesday by Gov. Bill Richardson.
    HB32  —  Allow New Mexico to continue with Powerball if Mexico joins the lottery. Effective immediately.
    HB48  —  Enact uniform laws applying to trusts. Effective July 1.
    HB61  —  Establish pilot program of extended kindergarten programs in high-poverty areas. Effective June 20.
    HB125  —  Permit school districts to issue a high school diploma to World War II veterans who never graduated because of the war. Effective June 20.
    HB137  —  Help the state enforce a requirement that certain tobacco companies place a portion of their sales proceeds into an escrow fund to potentially cover judgments against them for harm caused by their products. The proposal covers companies that were not part of a 1998 national settlement with states. Effective immediately.
    HB172  —  Require the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department to conduct a solar and fuel cell demonstration project for supplying electric power. Effective June 20.
    HB209  —  Establish a fire planning task force. Effective June 20.
    HB235  —  Allow for the establishment of water and sanitation districts in all counties. Effective June 20.
    HB274  —  Permit food service facilities at state museums to sell beer and wine. Effective June 20.
    HB295  —  Clarify provisions of a law that provides tax credits to film production companies; prohibit pornographic films from qualifying for the tax breaks. Effective July 1.
    HB299  —  Require the sales price of residential property to be disclosed to county assessors for use in determining valuations for property tax purposes; the assessor must keep the pricing information confidential. Effective June 20, and applies starting in 2004 tax year.
    HB368  —  Reduce the time for calling an election by the Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority. Effective June 20.
    HB369  —  Allow the Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority to conduct a bond election by mail-in ballots. Effective June 20.
    HB533  —  Clarify powers of the state Border Authority, including allowing it lease, buy or sell border-related projects that it determines are in the best interests of the state. Effective June 20.
    HB535  —  Require Health Department to develop a procedure for coordinating investigations with other state agencies of potential abuse or neglect in health facilities. Effective June 20.
    HB560  —  Allow state Game Commission to require bear-proof garbage containers on public and private lands. Effective June 20.
    HB721  —  Authorize in state law the existing Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at New Mexico Tech; the center tests and does research on explosives. Effective June 20.
    HB886  —  Ensure that no governmental gross receipts tax is imposed on sale of textbooks to students although the college bookstore is open to the public; currently, bookstores must close to the general public for a period of time in order for students to buy textbooks without the tax. Effect July 1.
    HB926  —  Establish a seven-member Fort Stanton Development Commission to develop a plan for use of the state-owned historic property in Lincoln County, recommend repairs or improvements to the Legislature. Currently, the Corrections Department operates a residential drug treatment program at Fort Stanton. Effective June 20.
    SB44  —  Authorize counties to issue "Payment in Lieu of Taxes" revenue bonds to repay outstanding loans from the New Mexico Finance Authority. Counties get PILT from the federal government to make up for large tracts of untaxable federal lands. Effective July 1.
    SB57  —  Allow local governments to decide to hold local option district elections to determine whether restaurants may sell beer and wine. Currently voters must petition for such elections. Effective July 1.
    SB80  —  Mandate the state Board of Education to waive certain requirements, and allow it to waive certain others, for public schools that exceed educational standards. Effective June 20.
    SB105  —  Authorize state park law enforcement officers to provide assistance to police officers outside the park's boundaries in emergency situations. Effective July 1.
SB109   —  Appropriate $1.6 million from the Public Project Revolving Fund to the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund, to match federal money for building and repairing drinking water facilities. Effective immediately.
    SB320  —  Create a 30-member film advisory board appointed by the governor to advise the Economic Development Department and the governor on ways to promote film production in the state. Effective immediately.
    SB371  —  Prohibit certain discrimination against Doctors of Oriental Medicine by health maintenance organizations; allow HMO's to contract a Doctor of Oriental Medicine as a primary care provider. Effective June 20.
    SB541  —  Create a Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Division within the attorney general's office, to review land grant concerns and compliance with the 1848 treaty   —   which ended the Mexican-American War and made New Mexico a U.S. territory   —   and make recommendations to the Legislature. Effective June 20.
    SB624  —  Clarify procedures for the termination of parental rights for abuse or neglect. Effective June 20.
    SB631  —  Exempt new property owners from tax liability incurred by previous owners who made improvements but didn't report them. Effective June 20.
    SB640  —  Require the Alliance for Transportation Research Institute at the University of New Mexico to study the feasibility of passenger rail service linking the El Paso-Juarez metropolitan area, New Mexico communities along the Rio Grande, and Denver, and report to the governor and the Legislature. Effective June 20.
    SB663  —  Clarify the access of the state ombudsman's office to medical, personal, financial and other records of nursing home patients. Effective June 20.
    SB688  —  Change the franchise law to protect New Mexico beer wholesalers from losing their franchises if their suppliers   —   manufacturers, for example   —   are acquired by other companies. Effective July 1.
    SB689  —  Add two members to the Capitol Buildings Planning Commission, the secretary of highway and transportation and the state cultural affairs officer. Effective June 20.
    SB738  —  Create a seven-member wastewater technical advisory committee, appointed by the secretary of environment, to recommend wastewater treatment and disposal technologies to be added to the department's list of approved technologies. Effective June 20.
    SB739  —  Extend workers' compensation benefits to members of the state defense force when they are on state-ordered militia duty. Effective June 20.
    SB838  —  Appropriate $800,000 from the state lands maintenance fund   —   a fund in the State Land Office   —   for the purpose of extending University Boulevard to Mesa del Sol, in Bernalillo County. Effective June 20.