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January 28, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House on Jan. 28:

HB287: Refund for medical and health services.
    HB288: GF: Los Amigos nursing home operation.
    HB289: Health insurance coverage for medical diets.
    HB290: Civil liability for oil and gas workers.
    HB291: GF: Ozone study in northwestern New Mexico.
    HB292: Environmental measurers for power plants.
    HB293: Violent felony redefined for life sentencing.
    HB294: Additional capital felony aggravating circumstances.
    HB295: Tax incentives for the film industry.
    HB296: GF: English Teachers Development Network.
    HB297: Additional Magistrate judge for Santa Fe County.
    HB298: Hispanic Cultural Day on odd-numbered years.
    HB299: Residential property sales price disclosure.
    HB300: Additional time to claim property tax exemption.
    HB301: GF: Historic trails and byways plan.
    HB302: Local water-banking authority.
    HB303: Acequia/community ditch water right changes.
    HB304: WNMU: Child Development Center program.
    HB305: Post-school plans a prerequisite for high school graduates.
    HB306: Local government investments.
    HB307: Underground waters declared public.
    HB308: Counties: Prisoner transport and food.
    HB309: GF: Health provider cost-of-living increase.
    HB310: Date of special election for constitutional amendments.
    HB311: Mexican motor vehicle regulations.
    HB312: Naprapathic Practice Act.
    HB313: Health Care Employee Protection Act.
    HB314: Sexual orientation discrimination.
    HB315: Health: Emergency Contraception Act.
    HB316: Los Alamos National Laboratory becomes taxpayer.
    HB317: Los Alamos National Laboratory becomes taxpayer, includes tangible personal property.
    HB318: One-minute classroom silence.
    HB319: UNM: Manufacturing engineering program.
    HB320: Low-income home energy assistance.
    HJR13: Public Regulation Commission authority defined.
    HJR14: Public Regulation Commission authority.
    HJR16: Public schools money from permanent funds.

    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB236: Income tax credit for school support.
    SB237: Income tax credit for scholarship donations.
    SB238: Phased-in income tax rate cuts.
    SB239: Brain-dead motorcyclists automatic donors.
    SB241: Albuquerque extraterritorial zoning abolished.
    SB242: Changes in motor vehicle code for railroads, DWI.
    SB243: San Miguel County may impose liquor tax.
    SB244: Cheif information office created.
    SB245: No limited driver's license after second DWI.
    SB246: State Road Fund: Legislative authority.
    SB247: GF: Train New Mexico dentists at Baylor University.
    SB248: Forfeiture of vehicle for DWI.
    SB249: Increased penalty for hate crimes.
    SB250: Credit for tax paid for nursing home care.
    SB251: Salary scale for chief judges.
    SB252: Behavioral programs for at-risk families.
    SB253: Nondisclosure of credit card account number.
    SB254: Per diem and mileage increase.
    SB255: Naprapathic Practice Act.
    SB256: UNM: School of Medicine special projects.
    SB257: UNM: Tech Center clean room.
    SB258: Outdoor advertising allowed.
    SB259: Registry for repeat DWI offenders.
    SB260: Medicos must report blood alcohol results.
    SB261: Third DWI conviction a felony.
    SB262: Changes to motor vehicle code.
    SB263: Vehicular homicide a second degree felony.
    SB264: Felony DWI applies in habitual sentencing.
    SB265: Adminstrative support for boards.
    SB266: DWI and ignition interlock devices.
    SB267: Evidence of SWI prior conviction.
    SB268: Licensing board's decision made public.
    SB269: Temporary professional licenses prohibited.
    SB270: Statewide business incubator program.
    SB271: Northern New Mexico business development.
    SB272: New aggravating circumstance for capital crime.
    SB273: Emergency wastewater funds.
    SB274: Oriental medicine and Medicaid changes.
    SB275: 2004 small cities assistance expansion.
    SB276: 2003 small counties assistance expansion.
    SB277: Blue ribbon tax reform commission.
    SB278: Construction division duties.
    SB279: Solid waste hearing optional.
    SB280: Real property indemnity agreements.
    SB281: Convenience store security.
    SB282: Law enforcement basic training funds.
    SB283: Educational retirement and reemployment.
    SB284: New Mexico off-limits to outside violent sex offenders.
    SB285: GF: State veteran's cemetery.
    SB286: Regulation for building in flood hazard areas.
    SB287: GF: Military base planning office.
    SB288: Public facilitation office.
    SB289: Welfare reform oversight committee extended.
    SB290: Eligibility for child care services.
    SB291: UNM and NMSU: Expand nursing education.
    SB292: New Mexico Finance Authority: Public capital project list.
    SB293: GF: Health professional recruitment.
    SB294: GF: Wastewater project list.
    SB295: Interagency behavioral health committee.
    SB296: GF: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park.