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February 3, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House:
    HB452: Natural resources revenue recovery task force.
    HB453: DNA covered by humans rights act.
    HB454: Local government firework control.
    HB455: Public schools improvements and maintennance.
    HB456: Naturopathic medicine practice act.
    HB457: School medication aides pilot program.
    HB458: Aircraft fee and registration changes.
    HB459: Misleading extension of credit.
    HB460: Job mentorship tax credit.
    HB461: Controlled substances research repealed.
    HB462: UNM: E-Commerce program.
    HB463: UNM: Small business assistance funds.
    HB464: Retired New Mexico State Police special plates.
    HB465: GF: Tri-cultural center for student success.
    HB466: Mapping the state's aquifer resources.
    HB467: GF: National forestry community projects.
    HB468: GF: Adult literacy expanded.
    HB469: GF: Housing for disabled.
    HB470: No nontaxable transaction certificate for sales to manufacturers.
    HB741: ENMU: Learning program for all grades.
    HB472: GF: Child-care teachers and trainers.
    HB473: Exemption for nursing home receipts.
    HB474: NMSU: Math and science education for border students.
    HB475: UNM: Hospital trauma center.
    HB476: UNM: Nursing education and special projects.
    HB477: Unfair trade practices damage awards.
    HB478: GF: Career and technical education programs.
    HB479: Inflation-adjusted Medicaid payments.
    HB480: Body art safe practices act.
    HB481: Exemption for water conservation eequipment.
    HB482: GF: Primary and dental health care.
    HB483: Federal revenue impact aid capped.
    HB484: GF: Science and Math teacher training.
    HB485: GF: Department of Health HIV/AIDS drugs and services.
    HB486: Gaming, increased hours at racetracks.
    HB487: GF: Respite care for Alzheimer's.
    HB488: Cigarette tax increase.
    HB489: GF: Affordable housing construction youth trainees.
    HB490: Pipeline safety act duties.
    HB491: Task force to study juvenile crime diversion.
    HB492: GF: Albuquerque parole housing.
    HB493: GF: Economic development corporation act.
    HB494: Nonprofit organization for economic development.
    HB495: Public accountancy act, service prohibitions.
    HB496: State museums acquisition and renovations.
    HB497: Changes in optometry act related to contacts.
    HB498: Health security act.
    HB499: Duration of partial disability benefits.
    HB500: Workers compensation health care providers.
    HB501: Workers compensation attorney fees.
    HB502: Rehiring injured workers.
    HB503: Additional temporary disability compensation.
    HB504: School bus crash investigations.
    HB505: Injury to specific body members.
    HB506: Residual physical capactiy table.
    HB507: Amendments to children's code.
    HB508: Public employee bargaining act.
    HB509: Health care obstruction act.
    HB510: New Mexico sentencing commission.
    HB511: UNM: Census dissemination and analysis project.
    HB512: Changes concerning unauthorized recordings.
    HCR3: Legislation action deadlines.
    HJR17: Public education department.
    HJR18: Lieutenant governor vacancy.
    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB393: Membership change in Mortgage Finance Authority.
    SB394: High school graduation reporting.
    SB395: Adjutant general term and discharge.
    SB396: School instructional materials, multicultural.
    SB397: Foreign adoptions amendments.
    SB398: Insurance operations fund.
    SB399: Teachers enroll cultural diversity course.
    SB400: Legislator per diem and mileage.
    SB401: Natural resources revenue recovery task force.
    SB402: GF: Temporary housing for veterans.
    SB403: GF: Highway study, disabling wrong-way vehicles.
    SB404: GF: High school dropout prevention.
    SB405: Medicaid reimbursement and eligibility.
    SB406: GF: Independent living services.
    SB407: Exemption for nursing home receipts.
    SB408: GF: Portable dental clinic services.
    SB409: GF: Albuquerque parolee housing assistance.
    SB410: Zoning and comprehensive plans.
    SB411: Land use ordinance impacts on housing industry.
    SB412: Soil and water conservation revision.
    SB413: Capital projects act.
    SB414: DWI implied consent hearings.
    SB415: NMSU: Improve border region education.
    SB416: GF: High school career centers.
    SB417: Bugler and honor guard at national cemetery.
    SB418: Workforce training act.
    SB419: Sponsored health insurance requirement.
    SB420: Regional transit gross receipts tax.
    SB421: GF: Increase cable public access.
    SB422: GF: Health Department funds and 211 program.
    SB423: Tohatchi youth development programs.
    SB424: Office of guardianship services.
    SB425: Youth council created to advise officials.
    SB426: GF: Indian domestic violence programs.
    SB427: Changes in uniform unclaimed unclaimed property act.
    SB428: Tax credit for paying loan guarantee fee.
    SB429: Economic development and water projects funding.
    SB430: Mortgage loan assistance, dependent fetus.
    SB431: Law enforcement safe pursuit act.
    SB432: UNM: Census dissemination and demographic analysis project.
    SB433: Reporting requirements, referred deposit loans.
    SB434: Boating while intoxicated act.
    SB435: Subdivision regulation exemption.
    SB436: GF: Remove waste from community land grants.
    SB437: GF: Four corners monument park.
    SB438: Merger of contiguous land parcels.
    SB439: GF: Child support hearing officer.
    SB440: Medcaid practitioners reimbursements.
    SB441: Deductions for all capital gains.
    SB442: Capital gains deduction, closely-held business.
    SB443: Real estate continuing education.
    SB444: Local schools buy their own books.
    SB445: Construction defect claims act.
    SB446: Student enhancement act.
    SB447: Water and sanitation districts revision.
    SB448: National labs, environment impact fee imposed.
    SB449: Home loan protection act.
    SB450: GF: Community dental health services.
    SB451: Local public improvement districts.
    SCR1: Deadline change for bill drafting.
    SJR15: Property tax exemption for more veterans.