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February 12, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House:
HB652: Fire marshal, firefighter training transfer.
    HB653: Reorganization of pipeline and ambulance regulation.
    HB654: Water quality act.
    HB655: Air quality control act.
    HB656: Special plates with New Mexico wildlife artwork.
    HB657: Educational retirement provisional members.
    HB658: Head start program set aside.
    HB659: Community development incentive act.
    HB660: Volunteer firefighters retirement.
    HB661: One-time credit for new oil and gas wells.
    HB662: Physician referrals to health businesses.
    HB663: Public utility rate adjustments.
    HB664: Child helmet safety act.
    HB665: Rural electronic health care telehealth act.
    HB666: GF: Prescriptions drugs reporting requirements.
    HB667: Electronic posting of legal notices.
    HB668: Medicaid fraud control unit.
    HB669: Special election on constitutional amendments.
    HB670: Property annexation by another county.
    HB671: GF: High school dropout prevention.
    HB672: GF: Rio Grande High School dropout prevention.
    HB673: GF: Farm-based experiential learning center.
    HB674: GF: Southern New Mexico arts exhibit.
    HB675: Telecommunications access to deaf commission.
    HB676: No liquor license hear tribal land.
    HB677: GF: Support rape crisis centers programs.
    HB678: Native American on higher education commission.
    HB679: Certified auricular detoxification specialist.
    HB680: County gambling revenue sharing.
    HB681: GF: Family caregiver support.
    HB682: Deductions for space-related activities.
    HB683: Watershed districts.
    HB684: GF: Promote the importance of character.
    HB685: Secretary of state fee increases.
    HB686: Homeland security department created.
    HB687: GF: Southeast Albuquerque business development.
    HB688: Eminent domain appraisal requirements.
    HB689: Timeliness for property tax purposes.
    HB690: Annual appropriation for mass transit.
    HB691: Increased motor vehicle excise tax.
    HB692: GF: Computer software commodity program.
    HB693: Development right transfers.
    HB694: GF: Environmental testing and oversight.
    HB695: GF: Develop citizen awareness curricula.
    HB696: Domestic partner insurance coverage.
    HB697: Uninsured motorist coverage exclusion.
    HB698: Small business credit for health insurance.
    HB699: New retiree health care authority building.
    HB700: GF: After-school prevention programs.
    HB701: County assessor as party defendant.
    HB702: Overseas voters absentee ballots.
    HB703: Gang enforcement and prevention act.
    HB704: Special plates for civil air patrol.
    HB705: GF: Weatherization assistance program.
    HB706: Limits actions versus construction professionals.
    HB707: GF: Increases rates paid to child care programs.
    HB708: Accessible educational electronic formats.
    HB709: Subdivisions standard of review.
    HB710: GF: Training housing and community entities.
    HB711: Elections eliminate write-in candidates.

    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB607: Severance tax permanent fund investments.
    SB608: Severance tax bonds for U.S. Highway 666.
    SB609: Educational retirement contributions.
    SB610: Prohibiting state park admission fees.
    SB611: Privatized highway safety rest areas.
    SB612: Economic stimulus bonding act.
    SB613: Flat rate personal income tax.
    SB614: Counseling and therapy practice act.
    SB615: Deduction for hospitals of medicare services.
    SB616: High-cost mortgage loans.
    SB617: NMSU: Border region math and science education.
    SB618: Next generation council.
    SB619: GF: Domestic violence pilot project.
    SB620: Public retirement and retiree health care.
    SB621: Withholding to fund legislative retirement.
    SB622: Special plates for New Mexico National Guard.
    SB623: Tax deductions for space-related activities.
    SB624: Changes to childrens code and adoption act.
    SB625: GF: Character counts program.
    SB626: GF: Cultural affairs water exhibit.
    SB627: School library material fund.
    SB628: Telecommunications universal service act.
    SB629: Rural telecommunications act.
    SB630: GF: Court of appeals improvements.
    SB631: Property tax omitted property assessments.
    SB632: GF: Medication aides in nursing facilites.
    SB633: GF: Albuquerque Indian youth services.
    SB634: UNM: Manpower development of miners.
    SB635: GF: Northern New Mexico middle college.
    SB636: GF: Experiential community learning center.
    SB637: Child helmet safety act.
    SB638: Regional alcohol treatment center.
    SB639: Mutual fund sales tax deduction.
    SB640: GF: Rail passenger study.
    SB641: Truck weight and size exemption.
    Passed in the House:
    HB73: Property tax cap for low income and disabled, 61-0.
    HB110: Medicaid and workers compensation, 60-0.
    HB125: High school diplomas for WWII veterans, 70-0.
    HB126: Reorganization of the gross receipts tax act, 61-0.
    HB151: Indians added to water commissions, 56-1.
    HB189: DWI offenders screening program changes, 60-0.
    HB536: Change to uniform unclaimed property act, 62-0.

    Passed in the Senate:
    SB36: Military discharge papers exception, 34-0.
    SB163: Expanded probationer payment programs, 34-0.
    SB339: Expands coverage of victims crime act, 35-0.
    SB371: Doctors of oriental medicine and HMOs, 36-0.
    SB390: Post-conviction DNA evidence, 36-0.