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February 17, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House:
HB760: Special Route 66 license plates.
    HB761: Senior volunteer discrimination prohibited.
    HB762: Corporate income estimated tax payments.
    HB763: GF: Grant County economic development.
    HB764: Release of wolves mitigating dangers.
    HB765: Tobacco settlement escrow funds.
    HB766: Extraterrestrial culture day.
    HB767: GF: Outpatient substance abuse programs.
    HB768: Procurement code hospital exemptions.
    HB769: Long-term care ombudsman act.
    HB770: GF: Encourage quality in New Mexico.
    HB771: District Attorneys may enforce municipal ordinances.
    HB772: School closure or in-service during elections.
    HB773: GF: Families of developmentally disabled.
    HB774: Municipal detention officer plan.
    HB775: GF: Chaparral health care needs.
    HB776: GF: Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad.
    HB777: GF: El Rito water and wastewater systems.
    HB778: Reduce nonresident vehicle registration time.
    HB779: GF: Home loan assistance for entry-level teachers.
    HB780: Economic development fiscal accountability.
    HB781: Stringency of hazardous waste act rules.
    HB782: Stringent air quality control act rules.
    HB783: Pharmacist regulations.
    HB784: Exemption from counseling practice act.
    HB785: GF: Navajo speaker for Las Vegas medical center.
    HB786: Tribal rights limit water rights.
    HB787: Earlier transfers of county bond excess money.
    HB788: Changes to state police retirement plan.
    HB789: Change in definition of resident student.
    HB790: Vehicle insurance mile-based rating.
    HB791: GF: Questa plans activites for Molycorp mine.
    HB792: Concealed handgun carry act.
    HB793: Gas boundary extension.
    HB794: Earmarks liquor tax revenue for San Miguel.
    HB795: GF: Ledoux water associations federal loan.
    HB796: Revises criminal statutes regarding arson.
    HB797: Retain military impact and revenue.
    HB798: Maximum on supersedeas bonds.
    HB799: Training index for non-school district personnel.
    HB800: Land grant and Indian history unit to graduate high school.
    HB801: UNM: Wildlife friends program.
    HB802: Boutique hospital requirements.
    HB803: Telephone solicitation consumer no-call act.
    HB804: Group insurance for legislative employees.
    HB805: Credit for legislative employees.
    HB806: Legislative committee changes.
    HB807: Extend tuition scholarhips.
    HB808: Electronic voting system fund allowances.
    HB809: Medicaid equal pay and nondiscrimination.
    HB810: State highway commission appointment procedures.
    HB811: Termination of parental rights due to incarceration.
    HB812: GF: Tohatchi youth programs.
    HB813: Tampering with evidence penalty.
    HB814: Public works apprenticeship programs.
    HB815: Training for sheriffs.
    HB816: GF: Funding for mariachis.
    HB817: School personnel training and experience index.
    HB818: GF: Emergency school support.
    HB819: Special charter school district act.
    HB820: Albuquerque school redistricting.
    HB821: GF: Hubble house project.
    HB822: GF: Black tar heroin prevention.

    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB684: Homestead exemption value increase.
    SB685: Alcoholic beverages license disapproval.
    SB686: Public utilities electric self-generating.
    SB687: Flying while intoxicated.
    SB688: Alcoholic beverages supplier definition.
    SB689: Capital buildings planning commission members.
    SB690: Negotiatied sales of public property allowed.
    SB691: Adult basic education transferred.
    SB692: Water utilities 40-year plan.
    SB693: Disabled veterans plates.
    SB694: Bikers public access right.
    SB695: Conservancy district mail-in ballots.
    SB696: Bonds for charter schools.
    SB697: Tobacco escrow fund act.
    SB698: Motor carriers act.
    SB699: Unsolicited e-mail or faxes.
    SB700: Taxes on professional boxing.
    SB701: New Mexico film museum act.
    SB702: Medicare gross receipts tax deduction for home health care.
    SB703: UNM: Center for regional studies.
    SB704: Water recreation facilities fund.
    SB705: Charter school support.
    SB706: Motor vehicle court appearance.
    SB707: Prohibits tobacco posession by minors.
    SB708: Child endangerment.
    SB709: Game and fish liability for wild animal damage.
    SB710: GF: Cochlear-implanted devices for deaf students.
    SB711: Air quality control prescribed fires exemption.
    SB712: Medical records may not indicate crime.
    SB713: Cibola and Grants hospitals tax distributions.
    SB714: Uniform health-care decisions.
    SB715: UNM: Diversity leadership institute.
    SB716: Service credit purchase.
    SB717: Upping cigarette and tobacco products taxes.
    SB718: Public utilities and rural electric cooperatives.
    SB719: Local DWI grant programs.
    SB720: Square dance official state dance.
    SB721: Minimum wage act local prohibition.
    SB722: NMSU: Endowed nursing chair.
    SB723: Subcontracting workers compensation.
    SB724: Interest on late Medicaid payments.
    SB725: Juror service changes.
    SB726: Boat act violations.
    SB727: Deduction for sales to out-of-state buyers.
    SB728: Trust land for children's hospital.
    SB729: Unlawful dealing in federal food coupons.
    SB730: Tobacco funds transfers and cigarette tax hike.
    SB731: Real property encumbrance priority.
    SB732: GF: Santa Rosa medical center.
    SB733: Earmarking liquor tax revenue for San Miguel County.
    SB734: Game depredation programs.
    SB735: Earmarking liquor tax revenue for McKinley County.
    SB736: Procurement code competitive proposals.
    SB737: Criminal trespassing notice requirement.
    SB738: Wastewater technical advisory committee.
    SB739: Workers compensation for state defense force.
    SB740: Gift tax credit to nonprofit endowments.
    SB741: Government housecleaning.
    SB742: Stream commission dips into groundwater.
    SB743: Smoking cessation insurance coverage.
    SB744: Community development incentive act.
    SJR23: School elections and voting age.