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February 19, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House:
HB862: GF: State Park at Eagle Nest Lake.
    HB863: Lifetime revocation for commerical DWI.
    HB864: GF: Wastewater facility loan fund.
    HB865: Additional drug precursors.
    HB866: Additional drug-related activity defined as child abuse.
    HB867: Motor vehicle code arbitration award.
    HB868: Income tax deduction for home schoolers.
    HB869: Phased-in gross receipts tax deduction for physican services.
    HB870: GF: Early childhood programs.
    HB871: Continuing care act.
    HB872: Precinct splitting prohibited during elections.
    HB873: Local DWI grant for Santa Fe County.
    HB874: Insurance payments, delinquent child support.
    HB875: GF: Santa Fe County teen court.
    HB876: Santa Fe convention center funding.
    HB877: GF: Measure river water flow.
    HB878: Credit union act changes.
    HB879: Probate intestate succession.
    HB880: Motor carrier act.
    HB881: Department of transportation created.
    HB882: Statewide water projects funded.
    HB883: Affordable housing act.
    HB884: UNM: Architecture for low-income groups.
    HB885: Lottery scholarhips eligibility change.
    HB886: Limits exempt sales by university bookstore.
    HB887: GF: Indian tourism.
    HB888: NMSU: Mora County 4-H program.
    HB890: Children, youth and families social security assistance program.
    HB891: Local option compensating taxes.
    HB892: GF: Nursing student loans.
    HB893: Increased penalites for aggravated battery.
    HB894: Seller must deliver purchased gasoline.
    HB895: Real estate disclosure, airport proximity.
    HB896: Medicaid, dental hygenists.
    HB897: Palace endowment permanent fund.
    HB898: Investment in private equity funds.
    HB899: Gaming equipment license changes.
    HB900: Tort claims, medical expenses unlimited.
    HB901: Tax on punitive damage awards.
    HB902: ENMU: Workload and staffing project.
    HB903: GF: Indian youth leadership training.
    HB904: Construction contractors financial proof.
    HB905: Privacy protection act.
    HB906: Department of Public Safety training funds retained.
    HB907: GF: Quality awards.
    HB908: Charter school applications and funding.
    HB909: GF: Highway I-10 warning system.
    HB910: Natural resources watershed restoration.
    HB911: Mandatory ski helmets for racing minors.
    HB912: Inmate treatment programs and merit deductions.
    HB913: Independent building construction manager.
    HJR26: Exempts fraternal and veterans organizations.
    HJR27: Longer legislative sessions.
    HJR28: Old penitentiary lease to Santa Fe County.
    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB777: Substitute teachers minimum salary.
    SB778: Medical insurance pool.
    SB779: Severance tax fund venture capital.
    SB780: Eliminates gross receipts tax on hospitals.
    SB781: Changes in absentee and early voting.
    SB782: GF: Santa Fe County teen court.
    SB783: Additional magristrate for Santa Fe County.
    SB784: GF: Alcohol treatment services.
    SB785: GF: Encourage southeast Albuquerque businesses.
    SB786: GF: Bernalillo County metro court.
    SB787: GF: Computer club houses.
    SB788: No liability for gun manufacturers, sellers.
    SB789: Private property rights, game parks.
    SB790: GF: Bernalillo County metro court.
    SB791: GF: Bernalillo County metro court.
    SB792: Albuquerque convention hospitality fee.
    SB793: Bernalillo County to oversee water utility.
    SB794: GF: Commodity program.
    SB795: GF: Mental health program.
    SB796: Earlier deadlines for property tax bills.
    SB797: Adult correctional officers.
    SB798: Navajo highway easements.
    SB799: International science and engineering fair.
    SB800: Funding behavioral health clinics.
    SB801: Tobacco escrow fund act.
    SB802: GF: Office of African American affairs.
    SB803: GF: Tohatchi police athletic league.
    SB804: Cigarette tax hike.
    SB805: Pregnancy HIV test without consent.
    SB806: Local DWI grant for Santa Fe County.
    SB807: Fuel tax hikes to fund road projects.
    SB808: Childrens competency to stand trial.
    SB809: Disclosure of used car defects.
    SB810: GF: Santa Fe railyard project.
    SB811: Homeowners insurance rate increases.
    SB812: Game-proof fences.
    SB813: Renewable energy production tax credit change.
    SB814: National Guard workers compensation claims.
    SB815: GF: Attorney Generals office to sue Texas.
    SB816: GF: Medicaid services.
    SB817: Child support hearing transfer to human services department.
    SB818: Medicaid dental hygenists.
    SJR24: Senators demand house makeover.
    SJR25: Exempts nonprofits from property tax.
    Passed in the House:
    HB63: Family support act, 58-0.
    HB80: Small business investments, 61-0.
    HB176: Methamphetamine a controlled substance, 64-0.
    HB186: High school-college alignment, 65-0.
    HB204: Alternative water rights dispute resolution, 61-1.
    HB231: Public health emergency response, 61-1.
    HB232: Emergency powers code, 62-1.
    HB253: Governors powers during state of emergency, 59-1.
    HB254: Amends the inspection of public records act, 60-0.
    HB409: Absentee ballot mailing envelopes, 43-21.
    HB419: Industrial revenue bond requirements, 62-0.
    HB439: Taos County precinct boundaries, 52-0.
    Passed in the Senate:
    SB43: Real estate licensing changes, 36-0.
    SB53: No municipal speed bumps, 29-5.
    SB59: Game and fish, shooting artifical game, 26-9.
    SB110: Child abduction warning, 33-0.
    SB295: Interagency behavioral health committee, 31-0.
    SB548: Authorizes transfers to general fund, 21-13.
    SJR24: Senators demand house makeover, 26-1.
    Failed in the House:
    HB202: Water conservation for subdivisions, 37-20.