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February 20, 2003

Legislative Summary

    Introduced in the House:
HB914: Motorcyclist access to public accomodations.
    HB915: Special plates for disabled vets.
    HB916: Concealed handgun carry act.
    HB917: New school district property tax.
    HB918: Severance tax fund venture capital.
    HB919: Film production in-plant training.
    HB920: Resident definition for income tax purposes.
    HB921: Crimestoppers act.
    HB922: GF: Preserve Navajo language.
    HB923: Engineering and surveying practice act.
    HB924: Resident abuse and neglect act.
    HB925: Changes in motor vehicle code.
    HB926: Fort Stanton development commission.
    HB927: Charges for copying motor vehicle department records.
    HB928: Hunting or fishing where posted.
    HB929: Income tax deduction for survivior benefits.
    HB930: Alcohol treatment center.
    HB931: Drinking water standards.
    HB932: Deduction for boxing, wrestling promoters.
    HB933: Not-at-fault homeowner claims.
    HB934: Transit system gross receipts tax.
    HB935: Financial independence task force.
    HB936: Public regulation commissioners attendance required.
    HB937: Per diem for uniformity commissioners.
    HB938: GF: Indian language programs.
    HB939: Minimum prescription dispensing fee.
    HB940: Nonprofit officers subject to quo warranto.
    HB941: Indian cultural education programs.
    HB942: GF: Indian tourism.
    HB943: Income tax surtax for conservation.
    HB944: Table wine excepted from segregated sales.
    HB945: GF: State defense force division.
    HB946: ENMU: Agricultural education.
    HB947: Taxable credit unions.
    HB948: Repeals property tax yield control.
    HB949: Geothermal resources conservation act.
    HB950: Criminal trespass posting.
    HB951: Regional education cooperative purchasing.
    HB952: Residency requirement for horse racing.
    HB953: Health care purchasing act.
    HB954: Boosting the cigarette tax rate.
    HB955: GF: Comprehensive health care study.
    HB956: Historic landscapes act.
    HB957: UNM: Center for regional studies.
    HB958: Mesa del Sol and University Blvd.
    HB959: Class A Counties delinquent collections.
    HB960: Water compliance order timing.
    HB961: Extending eligibility for investment credit.
    HB962: Deduction for agricultural implements.
    HB963: Motor vehicle code changes.
    HB964: Mechanics and materialmens lein laws.
    HB965: Creation of senior prescription act.
    HB966: Educational requirement service credit.
    HB967: Natural gas pipeline study.
    HB968: Health care website licensure portal.
    HB969: Gaming tax dollars to state fair.
    HB970: Victim information confidentiality.
    HB971: Office on African American affairs.
    HB972: Alcohol beverage server requirements.
    HB973: New Mexico horizons task force.
    HB974: Prison-based drug rehab.
    HB975: Fuel tax increase to pay for select roads.
    HB976: Permitting of wells.
    HB977: Water rights preserved with conservation.
    HB978: Sheriffs could enforce livestock code.
    HB979: Firepower on the bench.
    HB980: Tobacco fund to supplement general fund.
    HB981: State office building acquisition bonds.
    HB982: Adjudicate San Juan River basin.
    HB983: Writ of replevin requirements.
    HB984: Absentee voting and reporting.
    HB985: Poll watchers.
    HB986: County clerk election reporting.
    HB987: Higher gas tax to pay for insurance.
    HB988: Conservancy district assessment limits.
    HB989: Prohibited conduct by cigarette manufacturers.
    HJR29: Legislator term limits.
    SJR24: Senators demand house makeover.
    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB819: Teen court act.
    SB820: Las Cruces magistrate building.
    SB821: Mounted partol homeland security duties.
    SB822: Medicaid medications for mental illness.
    SB823: Health care providers vicarious liability.
    SB824: Uniform parentage act, genetic testing.
    SB825: Mayor votes in case of tie.
    SB826: Navajo Nation capital outlay.
    SB827: Geothermal resources conservation act.
    SB828: Tax credits for employing developmentally disabled.
    SB829: Employer access to health claims history.
    SB830: GF: Deaf and hard-of-hearing services.
    SB831: Junk bond investments.
    SB832: GF: Measure river water flow.
    SB833: Public employees mandatory health insurance.
    SB834: GF: Indian tourism.
    SB835: Cigarette tax increase.
    SB836: Public utilities renewable energy.
    SB837: No straign party ticket.
    SB838: Mesa del Sol-University Blvd.
    SB839: Consumer direction act.
    SB840: Standards for district court facilities.
    SB841: Water protection finance act.
    SB842: State stimulus plan act.
    SB843: GF: Water projects legislative approval.
    SB844: GF: Indian culture education program.
    SB845: Education appropriation act.
    SB846: Senate redistricting.
    SB847: School district general obligation bond payments.
    SB848: GF: Economic modeling software.
    SB849: High-wage jobs tax credit.
    SB850: Gaming tax revenues to certain muncipalities.
    SB851: Genetic testing for named fathers.
    SB852: Prerelease benefits assistance act.
    SB853: County keeps marriage license fees.
    SB854: School district election proclamations.
    SB855: Tax credit for paying family medical leave.
    SB856: Emergency medical services fund.
    SB857: Rack operator to pay gasoline tax.
    SB858: GF: Additional auditors for motor vehicle department.
    SB859: Residential mortgage loan officer licensing.
    SB860: Tax on transfer of residential property.
    SB861: DNA samples required from sex offenders.
    SB862: Medicaid behavioral health program act.
    SB863: Public school and community partnership.
    SB864: Changes in judicial districts.
    SB865: Clean energy act.
    SB866: Gaming tax distribution to state fair.
    SB867: Credit for Navajo Nations special fuels tax.
    SB868: New penalties for criminal damage to property.
    SB869: New penalties for larceny offenses.
    SB870: Testing newborn infants.
    SB871: Pharmacy benefits manager regulations act.
    SB872: Charges for copying motor vehicle department.
    SB873: Raffles and door prizes.
    SB874: Gasoline tax sharing alternatives.
    SB875: Failure to pay liquor excise tax.
    SB876: Alcohol treatment center.
    SB877: GF: Clovis cultural arts program.
    SB914: Motorcyclist access to public accomodations.
    SB929: Uniform probate code.
    SB930: Accelerating the income tax cut.
    SB931: Public education incentives and accountability.
    Passed by the House:
    HB48: Uniform trust code, 64-3.
    HB89: Forward personal information for selective service, 64-3.
    HB112: Military discharge papers exception, 68-0.
    HB113: Prohibits gross receipts tax to be forwarded, 44-22.
    HB164: Extends time limit for issuance, 65-0.
    HB181: Revises change of venue in courts, 67-0.
    HB192: Air quality control exception for cotton gins, 66-0.
    HB214: San Juan County eligible to impose tax, 64-4.
    HB302: Local water-banking authority, 68-0.
    HB305: Post-school plans a prerequisite for graduates, 57-12.
    HB373: Interagency coordinating group changes, 68-0.
    HB435: Election code rounding numbers, 66-0.
    HB436: Minor party candidate filing requirement, 64-0.
    HB508: Public employee bargaining act, 42-21.
    HB612: Notary public act, 62-0.
    HB685: Secretary of State fee increases, 51-11.
    HJR3: Very Large Array transfer, 64-0.
    Passed in the Senate:
    SB57: Restaurant liquor licenses, 25-9.
    SB109: Drinking water state revolving loan fund, 35-0.
    SB273: Emergency wastewater funds, 34-0.
    SB366: Technology enhancement fund, 34-0.
    SB368: Work force skills development fund, 34-0.
    SB369: Higher education performance fund, 35-0.
    SB394: High school graduation reporting, 35-0.
    SB443: Real estate continuing education, 23-10.