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March 7, 2003

Legislative Summary

    No bills introduced in the House.
    No bills introduced in the Senate.
    Passed in the House:
    HB25: Tire recycling fees, 66-0.
    HB150: Indian education act, 64-0.
    HB160: High skills training fund, 66-0.
    HB168: Blue ribbon tax reform commission, 68-0.
    HB169: School enrollment growth program units, 68-0.
    HB259: NMSU: Bonding for stadiums, 66-0.
    HB384: Medicaid reform program changes, 68-0.
    HB814: Public works apprenticeship programs, 41-25.
    HB876: Santa Fe convention center funding, 49-17.
    HJR18: Lieutenant Governor vacancy.
    HJR30: State Police read property returned, 65-0.
    HJR31: State-federal land exchange approval, 58-0.
    Passed in the Senate:
    HB114: Residential gray water use, 35-2.
    HB192: Air quality control exemption for cotton gins, 34-0.
    HB347: Definition change for commercial vehicles, 35-0.
    HB420: Public campaign financing for PRC elections, 20-11.
    SB197: Motor vehicle license plate for active duty, 34-0.
    SB241: Albuquerque extraterritorial zoning abolished, 30-7.
    SB292: Public capital project list, 31-0.
    SB386: Public safety telecommunicator training act, 25-10.
    SB416: High school career centers, 35-0.
    SB424: Office of guardianship services, 35-0.
    SB451: Local public improvement districts, 32-3.
    SB466: New professional for economic development, 32-0.
    SB503: Employee benefits for legislators, 32-0.
    SB540: No more early voting in municipal elections, 31-0.
    SB556: Safe routes to school program, 34-1.
    SB559: Commercial vehicles insurance requirements, 34-0.
    SB571: Real estate broker licensing, 18-9.
    SB584: Bond financing for Bernalillo metropolitan court, 33-0.
    SB653: Fees for housing out-of-state prisoners, 36-0.
    SB660: Undocumented pheasants, 35-0.
    SB683: Crime stoppers commission, 32-0.
    SB693: Totally disabled veteran plates, 37-0.
    SB744: Community development incentive act, 34-0.
    SB754: Pool insurance prescription drug program, 26-0.
    SB764: Municipal detention officers retirement plan, 21-12.
    SB771: Workers compensation uninsured employers fund, 30-7.
    SB832: Measure river water flow, 36-0.
    SB839: Consumer direction act, 36-0.
    SB895: Medicaid task force created, 33-1.
    March 8, 2003
    No bills introduced in the House.
    No bills introduced in the Senate.
    Passed in the House:
    HB376: Nursing excellence, 61-0.
    HB398: Closing highways in emergencies, 46-15.
    HB406: Municipal court warrant jurisdiction expanded, 63-0.
    HB407: Bad check dollar amount increase, 52-11.
    HB412: Medicaid reform committee, 64-0.
    HB446: Seed cotton module transport, 63-0.
    HB455: Public schools improvements and maintenance, 60-5.
    HB486: Increased hours at racetracks, 49-16.
    HB504: School bus crash investigations, 45-20.
    HB514: Parentage clarified in assisted reproduction, 65-0.
    HB534: No cap on mass transportation expenditure, 63-0.
    HB538: Long-term care administrators act, 58-5.
    HB609: Construction industries licensing act changes, 58-4.
    HB628: Major and minor party status in elections, 36-31.
    HB634: Telecommunications company access grants, 66-1.
    HB675: Telecommunications access, deaf commission, 57-2.
    HB733: Food service sanitation permit fees, 42-20.
    HB737: Municipal yard waste fees, 59-6.
    HB772: School closed or in-service days during elections, 30-27.
    HB780: Economic development fiscal accountability, 57-3.
    HB910: Watershed restoration, 64-0.
    HB919: Film production in-plant training, 61-4.
    HB934: Transit system gross receipts tax, 52-14.
    HB984: Absentee voting and reporting, 34-28.
    HJR24: Diversity in nominating commissions, 55-10.
    SB171: Medical examiners board changes, 60-2.
    SJR2: Cabinet-level education department, 43-22.
    Passed in the Senate:
    HB213: New Mexico-Chihuahua Commission, 34-0.
    HB439: Taos County precinct boundaries, 25-11.
    SB134: State armory, state fair and state engineer, 36-0.
    SB202: New hazardous waste permit fee, 32-1.
    SB216: School program cost calculations changes, 35-1.
    SB382: Water and wastewater records confidential, 34-0.
    SB396: School instructional multicultural materials, 17-16.
    SB449: Home loan protection act, 25-12.
    SB524: Health care for indigents, 35-0.
    SB578: Uniform health-care decisions act, 38-0.
    SB596: Securities sales representative license fee increase, 34-1.
    SB640: Rail passenger study, 32-4.
    SB641: Truck weight and size exemption, 34-0.
    SB655: Supplemental general appropriation act, reconsidered, 38-0.
    SB742: Stream commission dips into ground water, 35-1.
    SB822: Medicaid medications for mental illness, 38-0.
    SB888: Regulation and licensing revolving fund, 25-11.
    Failed in the Senate:
    SB172: Electric generating plants requirements, 10-26.