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March 15, 2003

Legislative Summary

March 15, 2003
    Passed in the House:
    HB31: Motor vehicle misrepresentation, 60-6.
    HB62: Gross receipts jet fuel deduction increased, 51-3.
    HB75: Armed forces retiree plate, 51-0.
    HB127: 14th Judicial District, 47-9.
    HB146: Biomass renewable energy tax credit, 49-0.
    HB179: Investment credit qualifications loosened, 57-0.
    HB184: Veteran property tax exemption increase, 52-0.
    HB193: Technology startup tax credit, 59-0.
    HB201: Special license plate for retired firefighters, 56-0.
    HB229: Small counties assistance hike, 58-0.
    HB237: Navajo to report vehicle offenses, 51-0.
    HB310: Public school constitutional elections, 28-26.
    HB322: Small cities assistance act, 60-0.
    HB345: Child custody court proceeding, 57-0.
    HB378: Retired letter carriers special plates, 55-0.
    HB379: Active letter carriers special plates, 56-0.
    HB464: Retired New Mexico State Police special plates, 54-0.
    HB481: Exemption for water conservation equipment, 58-0.
    HB507: Amendments for children's code, 55-0.
    HB512: Changes concerning unauthorized recordings, 58-0.
    HB530: Donation options information for organ-donor families, 57-0.
    HB552: UNM: Statewide gambling study, 48-0.
    HB557: Children's mental health centers licensure, 58-0.
    HB566: Special plates to spay and neuter, 37-0.
    HB572: Job mentorship tax credit, 58-0.
    HB573: Procurement code amendments, 38-27.
    HB605: Uniform prescription drug cards, 63-0.
    HB614: Health care coverage in child support, 58-0.
    HB620: Gaming control board Indian member, 57-0.
    HB626: Uniform interstate domestic violence orders, 58-0.
    HB629: Juvenile facility workers criminal checks, 59-0.
    HB635: Fops can get special plates, 59-0.
    HB652: Fire marshal, firefighter training transfer, 53-4.
    HB656: Special plates with New Mexico Wildlife artwork, 60-1.
    HB664: Child helmet safety act, 48-16.
    HB665: Rural electronic health care, telehealth act, 63-0.
    HB667: Electronic posting of legal notices, 63-0.
    HB700: After-school prevention programs, 63-0.
    HB701: County assessor as party defendant, 58-0.
    HB704: Special plates for civil air patrol, 56-0.
    HB706: Limits actions versus construction professionals, 54-3.
    HB722: Winegrower's license, 59-0.
    HB736: Adoption act changes, 59-0.
    HB742: Deduction for sales to out-of-state buyers, 33-28.
    HB759: Deduction for tricare services, 59-0.
    HB760: Special Route 66 license plates, 62-0.
    HB768: Procurement code for hospital exemptions, 65-0.
    HB779: Home loan assistance for entry-level teachers, 47-20.
    HB819: Special charter school district act, 62-1.
    HB843: Deduction for certain trade-support firm, 56-0.
    HB928: Hunting or fishing where posted, 55-0.
    HB960: Water compliance order timing, 54-0.
    HB967: Natural gas pipeline study, 64-0.
    HB976: Permitting of wells, 56-0.
    HB977: Water rights preserved with conservation, 57-0.
    HB1039: National convention delegate selection, 47-18.
    HJR4: Statewide millage rate for school funding, 36-29.
    HJR27: Longer legislative sessions, 48-16.
    SB655: Supplemental general appropriation act, 61-1.
    Failed in the House:
    HB943: Income tax surtax for conservation, 25-38.
    HB959: Class A counties delinquent collections, 28-32.
    Passed in the Senate:
    HB2: General appropriation act, 38-0.
    HB28: Legislation taxation fiscal impact study, 28-0.
    HB67: Office of chief information officer, 29-0.
    HB73: Property tax cap for low income or disabled, 33-0.
    HB93: Expanding investment criteria, 29-0.
    HB101: Adjustment for motor vehicle lease price, 31-0.
    HB152: Seventeen-year-old blood donors, 23-10.
    HB186: High school-college alignment, 30-0.
    HB209: Forest fire building code standards, 29-0.
    HB251: Waste management and research consortium, 29-0.
    HB368: Flood control election waiting period, 31-0.
    HB391: Technology enhancement fund, 32-0.
    HB392: Higher education program development, 31-0.
    HB393: Higher education performance fund, 33-0.
    HB394: Work force skills development fund, 30-0.
    HB516: Second fishing pole approved, 30-1.
    HB536: Change to uniform unclaimed property act, 32-0.
    HB560: Bear-proof garbage containers, 29-0.
    HB721: Energetic materials research and NMIMT, 30-0.
    HB910: Watershed restoration, 31-0.
    SB268: Licensing boards decisions made public, 26-9.
    SB410: Zoning and comprehensive plans, 36-0.
    SB573: Consumer no-call act, 30-7.
    SB699: Unsolicited e-mail or faxes, 22-11.
    SB725: Juror service changes, 39-0.
    SB829: Employer access to health claims history, 38-0.
    SB901: Firearms on university campuses prohibited, 32-6.
    SB917: 13th Judicial District judgeships, 35-0.
    Failed in the Senate:
    SB77: Tuition scholarships for teacher's kids, 8-29.
    SB734: Game depredation programs, 18-19.