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March 21, 2003

    Passed in the House:
HB540: Illegal for minor to possess tobacco, 58-0.
HB761: Senior volunteers discrimination prohibited, 63-0.
    HB847: Revisions for anti-terrorism act, 58-0.
    HB871: Continuing care act, 64-0.
    HB905: Privacy protection act, 66-0.
    HB933: Not-at-fault homeowner claims, 58-0.
    HB994: School districts capital outlay limits, 58-3.
    SB28: Sexual orientation discrimination, 32-26.
    SB79: Boat dealer licenses, 64-0.
    SB99: No DWI offense in parked vehicles, 57-0.
    SB101: Occupational licensing boards, 63-1.
    SB108: Office of Mexican affairs created, 61-0.
    SB126: Taxi and shuttles are nonexempt businesses, 62-0.
    SB134: State armory, state fair and state engineer, 60-0.
    SB153: Real estate trust fund investment changes, 60-0.
    SB157: DNA identification act changes, 60-0.
    SB213: Gross receipts deduction for clinical labs, 53-0.
    SB240: RV dealers to include service rates, 57-1.
    SB244: Chief information office created, 63-0.
    SB253: Nondisclosure of credit card account numbers, 59-0.
    SB266: DWI and ignition interlock devices, 59-0.
    SB378: Public employee retirement association service credit, 61-0.
    SB379: Incorporation procedure changes, 58-1.
    SB382: Water and wastewater records confidential, 59-0.
    SB386: Public safety telecommunicator training act, 61-0.
    SB431: Law enforcement safe pursuit act, 60-0.
    SB434: Boating while intoxicated act, 52-3.
    SB438: Merger of contiguous land parcels, 58-0.
    SB449: Home loan protection act, 41-18.
    SB453: Dentists and dental hygienists, 64-1.
    SB470: New criminal sexual penetration statute of limitations, 65-0.
    SB494: Health service corps adds dental professionals, 65-0.
    SB519: Changes in radiation protection act, 65-0.
    SB562: Real estate appraisers act, 58-6.
    SB570: Alternative form of mortgage release, 66-0.
    SB573: Consumer no-call act, 41-25.
    SB578: Uniform health care decisions act, 60-0.
    SB588: Longer notice for health insurance premium hikes, 51-10.
    SB596: Securities sales representative license fee increases, 47-13.
    SB614: Counseling and therapy practice act, 59-0.
    SB624: Changes to children's code and adoption act, 59-0.
    SB665: Actions related to unlicensed activity, 59-0.
    SB698: Motor carriers act, 60-0.
    SB699: Unsolicited e-mails or faxes, 52-3.
    SB737: Criminal trespassing notice requirement, 55-3.
    SB768: Victims unclaimed personal property rights, 60-0.
    SB823: Health care providers vicarious liability, 56-1.
    SB839: Consumer direction act, 61-0.
    SB903: Public regulation commission communication, 49-10.
    SB932: Economic development finance program, 57-0.

    Failed in the House:
    SJR22: County official terms set by legislature, 23-23.

    Passed in the Senate:
    HB24: Development training program fund use, 36-1.
    HB25: Tire recycling fees, 23-17.
    HB62: Gross receipts jet fuel deduction increased, 38-0.
    HB136: Preventing youth access to tobacco, 34-0.
    HB150: Indian education act, 39-0.
    HB151: Indians added to water commissions, 33-0.
    HB179: Investment credit qualifications loosened, 31-0.
    HB200: Severance tax bond public projects, 39-0.
    HB204: Alternative water rights dispute resolution, 39-0.
    HB219: Audits and Medicaid payments, 38-0.
    HB259: NMSU: Bonding for stadiums, 31-0.
    HB322: Small cities assistance act, 32-1.
    HB338: Government contract management, accountability, 23-17.
    HB383: Election code revisions, 32-0.
    HB403: Special water users associations, 32-0.
    HB421: Regional housing law and negotiated bond sales, 38-0.
    HB433: Voiding indemnification provisions, 33-1.
    HB513: More efficient senior prescription program, 29-0.
    HB535: Long-term care facility abuse and neglect, 32-0.
    HB552: UNM: Statewide gambling study, 34-0.
    HB558: Hospital fund act changes, 29-0.
    HB572: Job mentorship tax credit, 39-0.
    HB585: New cabinet on aging and long-term care, 27-12.
    HB612: Notary public act, 34-7.
    HB644: State transit fund and gas hike delay, 40-1.
    HB650: Reserved elk permits for terminally ill, 37-1.
    HB656: Special plates with New Mexico wildlife artwork, 36-1.
    HB667: Electronic posting of legal notices, 41-0.
    HB701: County assessor as party defendant, 38-0.
    HB774: Public employee retirement municipal detention officer, 37-4.
    HB793: Gas boundary extension, 34-0.
    HB819: Special charter school district act, 35-1.
    HB843: Deduction for certain trade-support firms, 35-0.
    HB881: Department of transpiration created, 35-0.
    HB882: Statewide water projects funded, 28-12.
    HB923: Engineering and surveying practice act, 33-0.
    HB944: Table wine excepted from segregated sales, 37-3.
    HB967: Natural gas pipeline study, 33-0.
    HB968: Health care website licensure portal, 38-0.
    HB973: New Mexico Horizons task force, 39-0.
    HB984: Absentee voting and reporting, 21-13.
    HB985: Poll watchers, 39-0.
    HB986: County clerk election reporting, 28-13.
    HB992: Public school short-term bonds, 31-0.
    HB1005: Tourism enterprise fund, 34-0.
    SB213: Gross receipts deduction for clinical labs, 39-0.
    SB358: Child care facility revolving loan fund, 40-0.
    SB385: GF: Soil and water conservation districts, 37-0.
    SB575: Volunteer firefighters retirement, 36-0.
    SB739: Workers compensation for state defense force, 38-0.
    SB875: Failure to pay liquor excise tax, 36-0.

    Failed in the Senate:
    HB913: Independent building construction manager, 16-22.
    HB927: Charges for copying motor vehicle department records, 13-27.
    SB162: Tracks lose subsidy for improvements, 15-26.