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January 23, 2003

Legislative Summary

The Associated Press
    Introduced in the House:
    HB129: Property condemnation for sewer facilities
    HB130: Insurance premium tax exemptions.
    HB131: Extending life of Welfare Reform Oversight Committee.
    HB132: Creating water rights litigation fund.
    HB133: GF: Northern New Mexico business support development, incubation services
    HB134: GF: Statewide business incubator program.
    HB135: Candidates' party affiliation not required.
    HB136: Preventing youth access to tobacco.
    HB137: Tobacco escrow fund act.
    HB138: Firearm in courthouse unlawful.
    HB139: Motor vehicle forfeiture for driving on revoked license.
    HB140: Sickle cell anemia services.
    HB141: Medical student loan program expanded.
    HB142: Public works minimum wage repealed.
    HB143: Cigarette sales.
    HB144: Tobacco settlement fund expenditures.
    HB145: Extending boards' sunset dates.
    HB146: Biomass renewable energy tax credit.
    HB147: Helium conservation and regulation.
    HB148: Tax deduction: sale of closely held business.
    HB149: Appointing or dismissing military officers in National Guard.
    HB150: Indian Education Act.
    HB151: Indian representative added to water commissions.
    HB152: 17-year-old blood donors without parental consent.
    HB153: Soil and water conservation revision.
    HB154: GF: Funding for Walatowa visitors center, Jemez Pueblo.
    HB155: GF: Indian voting program, Sandoval County.
    HB156: 48-hour hold for those arrested on domestic violence.
    HB157: Deferred police retirement.
    HB158: GF: Public school reading proficiency funding.
    HB159: GF: Public school personnel development.
    HB160: GF: Work force skills development fund.
    HB161: Child abduction alert.
    HB162: Pari-mutuel tax.
    HB163: Deduction for physicians' services.
    HB164: General obligation bonds: extending issuance time limit.
    HB165: Civil commitment for sexual predators.
    HB166: Property tax rate authority transfer.
    HB167: Personal income tax rate cuts.
    HB168: Blue ribbon tax reform committee.
    HB169: GF: School enrollment growth program units.
    HB170: Increasing penalties for enticement of child.
    HB171: Lottery scholarships for military dependents.
    HB172: GF: Renewable energy and fuel cell demonstration.
    HB173: Tax number for driver's license application.
    HB174: Driver's license magnetic strip information limits.
    HB175: Arrest by bail bondsman.
    HB176: Methamphetamine: controlled substance.
    HB177: GF: Differential pay increase for teachers.
    HB178: GF: Programs for children of jailed parents.
    HB179: Investment credit qualifications loosened.
    HB180: GF: Bilingual computerized learning system.
    HB181: Revises change of venue in courts.
    HB182: GF: Computerized Medicaid in schools.
    HB183: GF: Teaching standards and compensation.
    HB184: Veteran property tax exemption increase.
    HB185: GF: Advanced Placement courses funds.
    HB186: High school-college realignment.
    HB187: Year 4 funding for full-day kindergartner.
    HB188: Student enhancement act, tutoring.
    HB189: DWI offenders screening program changes.
    HB190: Local DWI grant program funds.
    HB191: GF: Creating office of early education.
    HB192: Air quality control exception: cotton gins.
    HB193: Technology startup tax credit.
    HB194: GF: 2nd Judicial District court document management.
    HB195: School board bonds.
    HB196: GF: Farmers' market nutrition program.
    HB197: GF: NMSU: Distance education teacher programs.
    HB198: GF: NMSU: Childhood education program funds.
    HB199: Creating youth council in Children, Youth and Families Department.
    HB200: Severance tax bond public projects.
    HB201: Special license plate for retired firefighters.
    HB202: Water conservation for subdivisions.
    HB203: Creating drought strike team.
    HB204: Alternative water rights dispute resolution.
    HB204: Fees for copying public records.

    Introduced in the Senate:
    SB146: GF: Deaf education funds.
    SB147: No straight-party voting by single mark.
    SB148: Forest fire building code standards.
    SB149: High school graduation requirement changes: math.
    SB150: Health care insurance claim assignments.
    SB151: Campaign contributor disclosure.
    SB152: Lobbyist subject disclosure.
    SB153: Real estate trust fund investment changes.
    SB154: Disability insurance requirement lifted.
    SB155: Liquor tax increased for alcohol remediation fund.
    SB156: Gross receipts tax deduction.
    SB157: DNA identification act changes.
    SB158: Food and health gross receipts tax deductions.
    SB159: GF: Funding cotton boll weevil research.
    SB160: GF: Prescription drug outreach funded.
    SB161: GF: At-risk youth job training program funded.
    SB162: Horse race tracks lose subsidy for improvements.
    SB163: Expanded probationer payment programs.
    SB164: Exempt New Mexico from daylight savings time.
    SJR11: Legislature election changes, increasing terms of House members.